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Getting Tired of Being Tired?

Fibromyalgia is a tricky thing for me.  I can feel really good some days and really lousy the next.  The pain can be tough during a flare, but I honestly think the fatigue is the worst.  My exhaustion is worse during the winter months, the price I pay for living in New England.  This exhaustion has gotten me quite tired of being tired.

During one struggle of wanting to retire at 2 PM this week, I got fed up and went to the grocery store, hell bent on finding something to add to my diet that would boost my energy.  I found it in the produce section.  Kale, also known as borecole, is a form of cabbage that packs quite a punch. 

Kale contains a lot of antioxidants, is high in beta carotene, vitamin K, C, and calcium.  It has a good source of magnesium, a vitamin believed to help with chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and is also a good veggie to help alleviate inflammation because it's considered anti-inflammatory.

Kale is great with pasta, but I decided to try something new with it.…

Detox the Natural Way

Tired of Being Tired

Fibromyalgia is a tough disease because the symptoms are vast.  Some people experience IBS, where others do not, however, a good majority of people, about 90%, suffer from fatigue of some sort while dealing with the condition of Fibromyalgia.  The fatigue can be moderate to severe.
A new explanation of this fatigue which is closely related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is that Fibro sufferers have dysfunctional mitochondria.  Mitochondria are something inside our cells that convert nutrients and oxygen into energy for our body.  If there is a break down with our mitochondria, we don’t have enough energy being produced.
I’m not sure what side of the fence I’m on as far as explanations go for the source of all of my exhaustion.  I’ve read about this finding along with many others that are all closely connected to some type of deficiency in the body.  To be honest, though, I’m so tired of being tired that I’d rather have some solutions for my exhaustion.
What I’ve found that works:

Stress Busters for the Holidays

Stress is one of those things that seems to creep up on you during this time of the year.  Sometimes we see it head on and other times we won't see it until we are completely overwhelmed.  When it comes to myself, I tend not to notice things until I'm completely overwhelmed.  Having said that, I try to find ways where I can eliminate stress so I don't have a complete meltdown in the baking isle at the supermarket because I forgot to write down on my list whether I needed baking powder or baking soda. 

Here's my 4 top picks for the holidays:

Trim your time on the trimmings by making it a family affair.  I used to be the one decorating the house every year.  It wasn't because I was the only one who was in the spirit, it was just that I tended to do it late at night when the kids were in bed.  Taking out the storage boxes with no children around was easier, but it got frustrating when I'd have to play find the fuse at 3 am.  Now I enlist the help of my husband to …

Fibromyalgia Bloggers’ Best Tips for the Disease |

Check out this article featuring yours truly!

Fibromyalgia Bloggers’ Best Tips for the Disease |

Stay fabulous!
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October May Be Over But...

October is over and now everyone's stress levels run rampant due to holiday cheer.  There's turkeys to be cooked, pie to be baked, and calendars booked solid with appointments and get-togethers.  I've been in such a rush that with holiday planning, moving into a new home, and care giving that I plum forgot to stop the discounts I'd been running on my books. 

But that turned out to be a good thing.  Due to the popularity of this book sale, I've decided to extend it.  You can get huge discounts on all of my printed books, anywhere from 30-50 percent off.  This offer is only available through my storefront at

I hope you all enjoy the extended discount sale and I'll be back later in the week to post another Fibro and Fabulous installment. 

Stay Fabulous!
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The Positive Side to Negativity

I must say that I have never really liked negative people.  You know the type, they complain about everything.  They are the type of people that would complain about a bright, sunny day because it could make their eyes hurt.  I've come across many of these types of people.  Some of them have even emailed me or left a rather nasty comment every now and again.  I usually make it a point to try and turn that negativity into something positive because I've made it a mission in life to do so. 

The worst thing I've found about negative people is that some of them are doctors or physical therapists.  They will look at you and tell you that they can't work miracles and that you will have to deal with your immobility or pain, or worse, some will give you an expiration date.  I really hated these people up until now.  I think I've found a positive purpose for them.

My Grandmother had a therapist come in to help her get some more strength to walk a little better than she has …


October is my favorite month.  I love walking outside and see the beautiful colored leaves on the trees.  I get an itch for baking again because the weather is cooler.  Hayrides to pumpkin patches are fun, as well as, carving pumpkins.  The month ends with one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.

Having said all of this, I thought I share some of the joy that this month brings me by offering huge discounts on all of my books until the end of the month.  You can get anywhere from a 30-50% discount on all of my books and this includes the latest, Fibro and Fabulous

The discount will only be offered through my Storefront on  You will not find these discounts at Amazon or anywhere else.  

I hope that some of you will be able to take advantage of this discount.  If not, don't fret.  I will try to do another before Christmas.

Happy Shopping and Stay fabulous!


"Do What You Love"

The title of this blog entry is a quote from one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  He is a wonderful singer and entertainer who has been around for many, many years and has given me a lot of inspiration to keep on keeping on because he's such a New Yorker.  I may be from Connecticut but my whole family came from New York-- right off the banana boat, in fact.  I love New York for many reasons, but for today, let's keep this post about loving New York because of Barry.

Barry loves the fact that people love his music.  He also stresses that you should do what you love to do in life because that makes all the difference in the world...

He's right you know...

You should do what you love because settling can make your life miserable.  I know about this all too well.  You see I settled for a job that paid the bills.  It was a safe job that didn't involve the uncertainty of a writing career.  It was a 9 to whatever- job that most people have and it made me sad, d…

Meet an author Monday!

Here's how it works:


Follow as many authors as you like. Just follow the Linky list and hop from author to author. The idea is to find as many "new to you" authors as you can, and hopefully some great new reading material as well. Leave a comment as you hop from blog to blog! We'd love to chat with you!


Follow the Meet an author Monday host (Cali Cheer Mom) along with any of the wonderfully talented authors on the list.You will need to enter your name and blog url into the Linky tool.Grab our super cute button and place it in a post. (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) If you don't create a post for the hop, your readers won't have a place to comment, and the hop will stop with you. So create a post, paste in the Linky code and start hopping!The purpose of the hop is to meet "new to you" authors and discover great new reads. Follow as many authors as you can. Leave a comment and introduce yourself!If you'd like to share the Linky…

Taking Care

Care takers are a strange breed.  They seem to have a bountiful amount of energy, are always cheerful, and can do just about anything when it comes to taking care of the sick.  They are amazing and truly can't be thanked enough for what they do.

My life has blessed me with the understandings of both sides of the fence, I am a care taker and I receive care taking for myself on occasions.  This understanding gives me great perspective when it comes to asking for help when I need it.  I never used to ask for help.  I always thought that if I couldn't handle something it was a sign of weakness on my part.  Even if the job over powered my physical strength, like lifting a compact washer on top of a compact dryer, I still thought that I should be able to do it when asked.

As a side note... Anyonecan lift a compact washer on top of a compact dryer, all on their own, (even if they are 100 pounds soaking wet) if they are pissed off enough at their boss for asking such a stupid thing.


Lisa's Story

There is no doubt that Fibromyalgia is a real disease and there is real pain associated with it.  People deal with this pain differently.  Some keep it to themselves, others talk about it.  I hope that no one else out there deals with it like Lisa did, though. 

I came across her story this evening and it was sad.  Those that read my blog regularly know that I like to keep things upbeat on here because there is too much negativity in the world, especially for Fibro sufferers.  But this one got to me and I have to share it.  It's terrible that this poor gal had to suffer on her own for so long without a loving support system in place.  I wish Lisa never had to go through that type of pain, it's an awful thing to feel like you are totally alone.

My heart goes out to her husband and I hope this story helps others.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


Lisa's Story

Fall Cleanup and Fibromyalgia

I've always loved fall because the trees look like an artist spilled oil paints all over them.  It makes hikes during this time of year so worthwhile because the scenery is really rich with color.  Wearing bulky sweaters, boots, and stylish hats due to the cool weather is a nice bonus too.

Fall can be fun for many wonderful activities, but some fall activities can be, well, a pain in the neck.  Fall cleanup is one of those activities and so is any type of home improvement.  If any of you had the kind of weather we had over the summer, chances are you didn't get much done due to the extreme heat.  Hot temperatures don't let you get much painting or cleaning done.  It's even hard to mow your lawn in hot temperatures because you can scorch your grass if you cut it too low.

Having said that, some may think that the Fall is the best time of year to catch up.  It is, but if you have Fibro, remember to pace yourself.  Rome was not built in a day so your house doesn't need…

Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy, and the Pain of Finding Information

I came across a rather upsetting article last night.  It upset me so much that it's the topic for today...

Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy, and the absolute pain of trying to find correct information on it.

A long while back I decided that my goal in life would be to put as much of a positive spin as I could on any negative subject matter that I find appalling.  Finding insufficient or down right incorrect information that is slanted towards the negative side of life due to Fibromyalgia is most definitely a subject that requires a positive and informative spin.

Now don't get me wrong, people are entitled to their opinions but when it comes to writing articles or blog entries that are out there for the public to see, I'm sorry, your opinion cannot count.  As a writer it is your duty to inform people-- period.  You can put your own words into it, you can say how you feel, but by NO means should you write an article stating that there is only one way to look at things.  Nor should yo…

Best Fibromyalgia Blogs and Websites - fibromyalgia -

This was something very exciting for me to come across and I want to thank each and every one of my loyal readers for this honor. I'm not sure how I got nominated for this wonderful list, but I'm truly touched. This is a great honor, but it could have never happened without all of you, my dear readers. So, as you read up on the Best Fibro blogs, give yourself a pat on the back too! Thank you all again!
Stay fabulous! Love and friendship,
Best Fibromyalgia Blogs and Websites - fibromyalgia -

If It's All In Our Heads... Then Let's Plug In

I recently joined a new online community on Fibromyalgia.  I like to join communities for many reasons, there's great support and sometimes you can find out something new-- be that a new healing method or a new perspective on the disease.

This particular site is not geared especially towards disease, on the contrary, it's geared towards bloggers.  None the less, a new buddy recommended a site for me to look at.  This site contains free mp3 downloads of music and sounds that are intended to help with brainwave entertainment.  The particular site she referred me to is one strictly meant for mental health.  Fibromyalgia is considered one of the mental health issues they have downloads for.

Brainwave Entrainment put simply is using stimuli such as sound, light, or EM fields to influence the rate of our brainwaves, which in the process affects our mental state.  This therapy is becoming quite popular over the internet and there are many, many sites that offer free downloads.


Gardening: The Good, The Bad, and The Pain

Gardening is something I enjoy.  I even like to pull up weeds!  I know, there's something wrong with me, I'd have to be really sick to like weeding.  For most, weeding is their least favorite thing to do in the garden.  I think that's why weed killing chemicals are so popular.

I'm different, though.  I like to kneel, bend, and pull out those suckers by hand.  In fact, I enjoy it so much that I go over to relatives' houses (yes that's plural) to weed.

My Grandmother and Mother In-Law have small gardens and they are quite easy to maintain, a great plus for me and my Fibro.  But even if you have a large garden or landscape, you can still weed without killing your lungs with chemicals or your body with Fibro pain.

In today's day and age, society landscapes their property and this can cause a bit of stress for the meticulously inclined person because weeds will take up residence in an open landscape.

If Monk had a garden he'd probably go crazy trying to pull…

It'll Keep

When I was younger I always remembered those words being uttered from my Grandmother, It'll keep.  The reference was always in regards to a household chore or errand that had to be run.  Her thought was simple, if it wasn't needed at that very second, it could wait to be done.  She was right.

The only problem with It'll keep is the when.  When can be a big problem for Fibro sufferers because our pain determines the when at times. I can't tell you how often I hear from my family the words, "Do we have to do that now?"  The that usually refers to me cleaning the one and only bathroom or the kitchen floor, two very important areas of the house that seem to be needed 24 hours a day in my home.  I find it comical that no one seems to need anything until I start to clean.

It is then, of course, that I have to stop what I'm doing and pray to God that I don't get too stiff or tired while waiting to finish the job.  There are some occasions where this does hap…

The Facts about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue! Some things on the web just aren't true.

In this post I will share an article I wrote in this month's The People's Press News .  This article was written after seeing a shocking Twitter post.  I wanted to set the record straight and let people know that not everything that's posted out there on the World Wide Web is true.  The article appears as the third on the page entitled The Facts about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue! Some things on the web just aren't true.  

Stay Fabulous!

Love and Friendship,


True Balance and Fibromyalgia

I don't share too many books in this blog.  It's usually because I don't get much of a chance to read books that have words in them too often.  Little kids tend to find words pretty boring, you know.  But this book has me sneaking the flashlight into the bedroom because it's that good!

I'll admit that the subject matter is geared towards the New Age crowd because it deals with chakras, but this book is really great for Fibromyalgia sufferers.  It doesn't go into great detail about the history of chakras and it isn't filled with a bunch of meditative exercises that you need to do when you have a quiet moment.  I like to meditate-- don't get me wrong, however, I'd probably be old and gray if I waited for a quiet moment to practice any new form of meditation.

There is nothing wrong with meditation.  It's a great way to relax.  I've used it many times during my B.C. (Before Children) years.  I was able to keep my chakras in line and even fix wea…

Life Interrupted | It's Not All About Me...

I met Chris recently at a social book marketing network on the net and became instantly intrigued by his message. He does not have Fibromyalgia, however, he understands what can happen in a marriage when one has a chronic illness. Chris has MS and it unfortunately destroyed his first marriage. He, like all sufferers at one point in the life of their disease, took on the poor me outlook. This outlook usually does not bode well for relationships. In fact, it usually makes them short-lived. That was the case for Chris.

Since then, Mr. Tatevosian has written a book about relationships and chronic illness entitled Life Interrupted, It's Not All About Me. He also does motivational speaking events around the Mass area and even hosts his own radio show called Winning Life Through Pain. All are geared towards relationships and chronic illness.

Chris's message really hits home for all chronic sufferers, including fibromites. I encourage you all to take a look at his site. He is…

dBusinessNews :: Daily Business News Delivered to Your Desktop

dBusinessNews :: Daily Business News Delivered to Your Desktop

This is something worth looking into. Something that mimics a human thumb to massage trigger points of Fibromyalgia. This sounds great!

Stay fabulous,
Love and friendship,


Remembrance of Foods Past

Remembrance of Foods Past

I thought I'd discuss Comfort Foods today because it's a topic I haven't done in a long time. Above is an article dedicated to comfort foods for Senior Citizens. The writer makes a lot of good points that I've been expressing to my family and friends. I just haven't discussed them here since Senior care is a little off topic.

However, the idea of comfort foods also applies to Fibro sufferers. I went on an elimination diet when I was first diagnosed because I was convinced that a lot of the foods I was eating at the time were, put simply, killing me. I started with easy things, like eliminating boxed foods, such as mac & cheese. This was a great help. I started feeling a lot better and didn't want to look back, but I had this nagging feeling that would creep up on me from time to time. I couldn't help but feel like I was missing something. It was an awful feeling that at times left me depressed.

The reason why I felt t…

Another Autographed Book for Winner...

Jewel has won an autographed copy of my latest book based on this blog!  Congrats Jewel!  Please email me ( with an address to send the book out to along with your one of a kind book mark (made especially by me of course!)

The Power of Word Persuation

Classic rock music is a favorite of mine and I tend to listen to a station from Springfield Mass called Rock 102 on the way to Grandma's every morning.  In between sets of Areosmith and The Stones, I heard a commercial for something I thought was rather obscure.  It was an add for hypnosis.

Now, being the cynical consumer that I am, I normally chalk ads up as a form of selling propaganda.  However, I'm also a bit optimistic and will generally listen with an open mind if the ad is something worth while.  This particular ad was pretty straight forward and talked about using hypnosis to aid in loosing weight and quitting smoking-- something I normally hear for hypnosis, but then it went into aiding in chronic pain.

Chronic pain?  Could it be possible that something that was once used as a pallor trick to get people to cluck like chickens really help with chronic pain?  The answer is yes, it can according to magazines like Psychology Today.

A particular article published in Octobe…