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For the Record

I am making a public announcement that I, author Amanda Kimberley of (tm) has never been in the past, or is now, in association with, related to, OR affiliated with any entity known as Fabulous With Fibro. I am not selling any services as a holistic coach, nor did I write any books related to that brand. I am also not associated, affiliated, or related to a patient community group called Fabulous With Fibro that also has a clothing line. I will not ask you for donations of any kind, and I have never done so in over a decade of writing this blog. PLEASE be careful when you are looking for my blogsite in the future. Thank you!

New Year, New Outlook

2015 was not a good year for me and 2016 pretty much sucked too. I had a lot of happy moments during each of those years, but there were some very sad moments too. My health was also not the greatest because of the compounded stress and junk food I was putting in my body. Many people do New Year's resolutions and my thoughts on that have been the same for a couple of decades. I used to get really excited about changing a bad habit or putting something positive into my life, like exercise. I'd start out the first week or two and do really well until life came along in week three to ruin it all. I'd get discouraged, but keep trying until February when I started to realize that the goal was just too much for me to handle and I'd give up. From about 1997 and on, I made a resolution to make no more resolutions and that worked well until now. I've been giving my health some scrutiny these past six months. I've made strides in my anxiety and panic attacks. My st