About Me

Non-fiction author, blogger, poet, publisher, and writer Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom resides in Connecticut.
 She is surrounded by family and friends that included her husband, Scott. He can be a little camera shy.

This is a picture of when he is not:

Her two daughters are everything to her. She is a very proud mommy, but Brittanny and Olivia have never been pictured publicly. This is for privacy reasons.

Kimberley's had many animals in her life. They have been the topic of many of her blog entries and she loves to publicly display their antics. Pictured here is Topaz, who recently passed away.
Onyx, who is almost 2 years old, seems to be fitting in quite well and also loves to ham it up with the camera.
He also likes coffee. Here he is pictured taking a sip.

Her dog Sport, is another character.  He is well trained and puts his toys away when asked.  If only the kids would do that!

Some of Kimberley's other family members don't always coexist well together. Pictured here is Diamond, a kitty that recently passed, but live 16 fun-filled years. Can't say the same for the spider plant that was in that pot, though.

Cooking, crocheting, gardening, reading, writing, hiking, and yoga are favorite hobbies of this writer.  Pictured here is a family masterpiece that was created during Family Pizza night. First is Pizza Spongebob and second is Pizza Patrick.

Singing karaoke is a favorite past time for this author. She also likes to watch WWE, Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Adventures.

Kimberley has been writing for over 30 years and writes in several different genres. She is an award winning poet and nationally recognized blogger.

Blogging and writing about Fibromyalgia is a passion of Kimberley's since her own diagnoses in late 2005. The blog Fibro and Fabulous was born from this passion.

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