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Canning Your Way to Good Health

One of my favorite things to do in the early morning or late evening during the summer is to can all of my summer's crops so I have that great taste to enjoy all winter long.  Despite some popular belief, canning is not a lost art, in fact, it's become once again a booming trade to learn.

Last year, Ball Canning reported double increases in sales of their book, Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving and classes on how to can have also seen an increase in their student roosters.  Mother Earth News asked some 85,000 Facebook fans about home canning and the positive responses they received were overwhelming.  Many can because it's healthy, it's a great tradition to pass on to future generations, it's a self-sufficient practice, and it saves you money.

I can because it's a healthy choice for my Fibro issues, it's something fun to do, I get satisfaction in knowing I'm able to be self-sufficient, and best of all-- I SAVE MONEY doing so!

Some people think there…

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Fibromyalgia and Pets

Pets are cute and loveable.  They help to have the time pass.  They can help us open cupboards, move objects out of our walking path, sit with us during our morning coffee break, and they can even help us forget we have pain.

This is a picture of Onyx.  He's the newest edition to our family.  He came along because Sport, myself, and my little ones, Olivia and Brittanny, missed Diamond.  We mourned for several months and when we were ready, Onyx showed up in our lives.  He was a rescue in a literal sense.  His Momma had unwanted babies and when a friend of mine found out that Momma had babies-- she jumped for the chance to allow me to have one.  We almost had Momma as a side bonus and Momma was gorgeous but she didn't play well with Sport or Topaz.  She actually tried to rule the roost over them and that would not have worked because Topaz and Sport are too timid.  They would have allowed Momma to beat them up and that wouldn't do so we unfortunately had to allow Momma to …

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Fibro and Fabulous is Now Mobile!

So I've decided to become a lot more flexible by going mobile with Fibro and Fabulous.  Now you can read my posts here AND read different ones exclusive to my mobile site here: Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley