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What Chronic Pain is Doing to America

I came across an article very earlier this morning from the Huffington Post stating that 25 million people suffer from some type of chronic pain in the United States. These types include, but are not limited to, lower back pain, fibromyalgia, and even cancers. To this blogger, these numbers of sufferers have become alarmingly high and very little has been done to cure many of these diseases and conditions. Offering only pain medications to this growing number of people is not a solution. Many of these sufferers are not only dealing with constant pain but are also more susceptible to depression. Depression in and of itself is a horrible condition that causes its own aches and pains, difficulty with sleep, feelings of hopelessness, and difficulty with concentration. However, certain chronic conditions like fibromyalgia will give you a double dose of the same types of symptoms. What is not helping these sufferers is that society is taking a blind eye to the issue by making it more and