"Do What You Love"

The title of this blog entry is a quote from one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  He is a wonderful singer and entertainer who has been around for many, many years and has given me a lot of inspiration to keep on keeping on because he's such a New Yorker.  I may be from Connecticut but my whole family came from New York-- right off the banana boat, in fact.  I love New York for many reasons, but for today, let's keep this post about loving New York because of Barry.

Barry loves the fact that people love his music.  He also stresses that you should do what you love to do in life because that makes all the difference in the world...

He's right you know...

You should do what you love because settling can make your life miserable.  I know about this all too well.  You see I settled for a job that paid the bills.  It was a safe job that didn't involve the uncertainty of a writing career.  It was a 9 to whatever- job that most people have and it made me sad, depressed, and out of sorts.  It also exacerbated my fibro symptoms.

I always thought that Somewhere Down the Road, life would be different and I'd have something come together before I reached the age of 40, but it hasn't yet.  I was too scared to let my life just be.  I needed the comfort of a classic job to get me by. 

I'm not saying the job I chose itself was bad-- please don't get me wrong.  The job itself was okay, but it just wasn't me.  I needed the creativity writing would give me.  I did write manuals for the store and even newspaper happenings, but it wasn't the same.  I longed for the late night inspiration that poems, stories, novels, and even articles and blog entries gave me.

This blog entry may sound like a preaching session, and I hope it really doesn't, because that's not what I intended it to be.  In this day and age many of us are settling for what we can find for work, just like I did right out of school.  I just want you all to remember that settling doesn't have to be a sacrifice for your whole life.  You don't have to spend years at a job you hate.  Life will change and you don't have to get comfortable in a job you hate.

You really should do what you love.  Barry is right about this.  Learn from Barry's advice he gives in his music from Read and Weep, to Brooklyn Blues, to JoeyWas it so long ago where we stopped to remember our life was more than about punching a time clock for a business?

Let's all try to remember what it was like to be a young kid fresh out of school, eager for life.  It may make our flairs a little less of a pain and a little more to bare.  You never know.

When you do what you love, your stress level drops, you enjoy working, and your life can be as fibro free as it can be.  I know this can be hard to do right now.  The economy is not what any of us thought it would be, but it will change and when it does, don't settle like I did.

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