Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If It's All In Our Heads... Then Let's Plug In

I recently joined a new online community on Fibromyalgia.  I like to join communities for many reasons, there's great support and sometimes you can find out something new-- be that a new healing method or a new perspective on the disease.

This particular site is not geared especially towards disease, on the contrary, it's geared towards bloggers.  None the less, a new buddy recommended a site for me to look at.  This site contains free mp3 downloads of music and sounds that are intended to help with brainwave entertainment.  The particular site she referred me to is one strictly meant for mental health.  Fibromyalgia is considered one of the mental health issues they have downloads for.

Brainwave Entrainment put simply is using stimuli such as sound, light, or EM fields to influence the rate of our brainwaves, which in the process affects our mental state.  This therapy is becoming quite popular over the internet and there are many, many sites that offer free downloads.

I'm always a skeptic about downloads, especially ones of a musical nature.  For  some reason, I tend to be one of these people that always seems to pick up a virus with a download.

It's funny because that seems to match my life.  I was always the one who caught everyone's cold, flu, bug, or whatever else was going around.  I once caught something that a doctor didn't even have a name for-- pretty bad-- wouldn't you say?

All kidding aside, I really used to catch everything.  I'm better now-- partly because I don't have much contact with people aside from my Grandma and Mom, and partly because I'm now immune since I think I had ever single bug, cold, and flu known to man.

Even though I hate viruses of any kind, including computer viruses, (I'm a little more Monkish than I'd like to admit) I decided to throw caution to the wind and download a few of these puppies onto my computer.  I figured I could always run a virus scan, or two, or forty.  I have probably more anti-virus software than most people do.  It's so much that I take an entire day just to run them all.  Crazy, maybe a little, but I do have a relatively smooth running laptop.

Getting back to the music, it was very enjoyable.  It also seems to help.  It helped so much that I decided to download it to my Blackberry so I could listen to it any time.  The site name is mentallion and I think it's worth a look.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,



Mark said...


Brainwave entrainment is a good complement to therapies for fibromyalgia, migraine, etc.

However not everyone reacts positively to this kind of beats. To make sure that it works you can try for free here a therapy for fibromyalgia:

brainwave entrainment for fibromyalgia

Greetings and good luck

Trisha Pearson said...

Thank you for sharing this! I am intrigued. I've been wondering about brainwave therapy for awhile now and have tried some of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's CDs for relaxation, sleeping and creativity but I've never seen anything specifically for fibro. Thank you - I'll go check it out!

Trisha Pearson said...

Interesting! I've wondered about brainwave therapy for awhile and have used several of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's CDs for relaxation, sleep and creativity but I've never seen anything specifically for fibro. I'll go check it out!

Michelle L. Devon said...

Just wanted to point out that it's brainwave 'entrainment', not entertainment. I've used it before, and it does indeed help me with the pain.

AuthorKimberlyLB said...

Ooops! Yep there's that fibro fog rearing it's ugly head. When I was researching I really thought I read entertainment. Thanks so much for posting the correct naming Michelle! I will get to fixing it soon!

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