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Herbal Medicine and Fibromyalgia

Today's guest post comes from Patricia Bratianu. Patrica is a nurse and a registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. She has a Ph.D. in natural health and is passionate about helping people find health care options that work for them. For another one of Patricia's articles, please visit:

The Best Herbs for Anxiety and Stress Relief

As if the everyday stresses of living with a chronic health condition like fibromyalgia aren’t enough, chronic pain depletes your body of endorphins, the natural compounds that relieve stress, pain, and depression. Stress and anxiety have a direct impact on pain levels, and so the cycle goes around and around.

Fibromyalgia, anxiety and stress may go hand-in-hand, but you can fight back with herbs — the safe, reliable, natural option for relief of stress and anxiety.

Why Use Herbs?

Herbal medicine has been used to trea…