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One of the Struggles We All Face During the Pandemic

 Reading lips is something I've always have had to do because I am a bit hard of hearing when people mumble. This is something that has been linked to fibromyalgia for some. Having said that, I've always been sensitive to people with this issue because I know how hard it can be to function, especially during the pandemic if a mask is prohibiting you to read lips.  My heart breaks for this woman and I truly had to share her struggle because it is real. So the next time you feel worried about taking off your mask to help someone, please consider writing down your responses. It will be greatly appreciated!

Humanity Healing, Charlie, and Releasing Things in Life

 I want to share something with all of y'all today. I listen to Charlie most Fridays on Humanity Healing on Facebook because he has some pretty awesome perspectives as a spiritual person.  For those of you that are new or for those that have read faithfully and forgot, I am a spiritual person--not a religious one. To me, a religious person is very stoic and stiff in their beliefs. A spiritual person tends to adapt to their surroundings and learn from everything around them. I know we all come from different walks of life. We all have different religious beliefs. But it's the later I'm going to talk to you about today because it relates to fibro pain--at least to me. Charlie does a very good job at making his talks about growing spiritually and NOT about a specific religion. They are very relatable and they tie in with what is going on today and what stress you may be dealing with because of what is going on.  My thing in life now that I'm older is to walk the path of Je

To Walk or Not to Walk...That is the Question!

  Photo attribute: <a href="">Athletic woman holding sports bottle and walking on path in park - null</a> Walking is something that a lot of us may take for granted if it can be done relatively pain free. I remember my doctor telling me when I was first diagnosed to walk more because "motion is lotion". At the time, gadgets counting steps just became popular and according to the gadget, I was walking anywhere from 5-15 miles a day at my job while I was a floor manager. When I told him just how much I was walking, I then asked if I should be walking even more. His brows knitted as I explained I'm always on my feet. He was thoroughly confused as to how a young woman in her early thirties was walking like she was in her eighties. He then suggest I walk less--like that could happen at the job LOL! Sixteen years have passed since that conversation with my doctor and I can truly say that I continue asking this