The Positive Side to Negativity

I must say that I have never really liked negative people.  You know the type, they complain about everything.  They are the type of people that would complain about a bright, sunny day because it could make their eyes hurt.  I've come across many of these types of people.  Some of them have even emailed me or left a rather nasty comment every now and again.  I usually make it a point to try and turn that negativity into something positive because I've made it a mission in life to do so. 

The worst thing I've found about negative people is that some of them are doctors or physical therapists.  They will look at you and tell you that they can't work miracles and that you will have to deal with your immobility or pain, or worse, some will give you an expiration date.  I really hated these people up until now.  I think I've found a positive purpose for them.

My Grandmother had a therapist come in to help her get some more strength to walk a little better than she has been.  My Grandma had polio as a young child and has been dealing with limited mobility all of her life.  She has an extremely positive attitude and has always persevered.  I admire her outlook on life and have always tried my best to emulate it.

The therapist took one look at my Grandmother and said that her leg was becoming too deteriorated to have her walk on it.  In her opinion, she felt my Grandmother should be in a wheelchair.  She said there was little she could do for her because she was not a miracle worker.

My Grandmother got a little perturbed with her to say the least.  She did all of the exercises the woman recommended and then when the woman came back for the follow-up, my Grandmother politely told her off by getting up from the bed, walking to the staircase, went down the lift, and then walked into the kitchen with the aid of her walker and canes.

My Grandma is tough and never wants to be told that she can't do something.  She will prove you wrong if she has to.  The therapist?  She was happy that my Grandma could do it and said she'd be back for one more visit before she released my Grandmother from therapy.

My opinion?  I think there was some reverse psychology going on here.  My Grandmother and I may not have known it at the time, but it became clear once we saw the reaction on her face to my Grandmother's progress.  I truly believe this therapist was trying to put a positive spin on some negativity just so my Grandmother could get better.

So my question to all of you is, has this ever happened to you?  Has some Negative Nelly pissed you off so much that you turned it into something positive with your chronic condition?  Do you like this kind of tactic or do you thing it's deceitful?

I know some people tend to think that the ends justify the means.  It doesn't make you a bad person for feeling this way, but to me it's a pretty crappy way of going about things.  We all have an amazing power and I think Emily Dickinson said it best, "A word is dead when it is said some say, I say it just begins to live that day."  Our words can make a person's day or break it.  I'd rather be the bright sun.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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