Detox the Natural Way

There is new talk out there about detoxing the body of heavy metals and other impurities. A lot of Fibro sufferers like this because they can remove heavy metals from the body that may be causing their symptoms to flare. I find some of these methods horrifying, however, some are not all that scary. A natural detox can be found right at the local grocery store.

Cilantro is one of the herbs that can be used for this purpose, it aids in restoring the normal functions of body cells. Cilantro is great with salads and also can be added to soups. Others like it in drink form, Dr. Oz is one of them.  He explains that chewing our green veggies and herbs, even finitely, will not allow the body the same benefits as the liquid version.

Milk thistle is another herb that helps detoxify the body of heavy metals. It aids the liver and also protects red blood cells. Milk thistle can be found in tea form in grocery and health food stores.  There are also many other herbal teas one can use for detox.  Some popular ones are dandelion and burdock, lemon and jasmine, as well as raspberry.

The popular herb known as garlic can make mercury, cadmium, and lead water-soluble to detoxify the body. Garlic can be taken in pill form or used fresh while cooking most dishes. Garlic salt can also be used in place of table salt to achieve these same benefits.

Any kind of juice can be used to detox the body.  Putting fruits and vegetables in juice form retains the antioxidants and vitamins better.  The best fruits and vegetables for detox purposes are celery, cucumber, carrot, apple, pineapple, lemon and ginger.

Mineral or bottled spring water is also good for detox because it aides in flushing out the system of heavy metals.  Just make sure that the water is low in aluminum since that is one of the heavy metals you will want to eliminate from your system.

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