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Gardening: The Good, The Bad, and The Pain

Gardening is something I enjoy.  I even like to pull up weeds!  I know, there's something wrong with me, I'd have to be really sick to like weeding.  For most, weeding is their least favorite thing to do in the garden.  I think that's why weed killing chemicals are so popular. I'm different, though.  I like to kneel, bend, and pull out those suckers by hand.  In fact, I enjoy it so much that I go over to relatives' houses (yes that's plural) to weed. My Grandmother and Mother In-Law have small gardens and they are quite easy to maintain, a great plus for me and my Fibro.  But even if you have a large garden or landscape, you can still weed without killing your lungs with chemicals or your body with Fibro pain. In today's day and age, society landscapes their property and this can cause a bit of stress for the meticulously inclined person because weeds will take up residence in an open landscape. If Monk had a garden he'd probably go crazy