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Fibromyalgia and Holiday Festivities

I really hate the word diet.  It's constricting and has the negative connotation that you'll have to avoid all of your favorite foods at your Aunt Lucy's because she tends to cook everything from a box.  The holidays used to scare me. And for a good amount of years after being diagnosed, I tended to take on the burden of hosting the festivities simply because I didn't want to feel silly or starved at a family function.

Food sensitivities aren't fun.  In fact, they can down right suck for the sufferer.  They make you feel isolated and guilty because you feel people may have to go out of their way to cook something suitable for you to eat.

There are a few things, however, that you can do to make the holidays a little more bright and merry for everyone involved-- including yourself.  First, offer to bring at least one dish so you know it's something safe to eat.  Some Fibro sufferers can handle a few chemicals or preservatives if they eat them in very small portio…

GMO – One Thing All Fibromyalgia Sufferers Should Avoid

Fibromyalgia and the brain: New clues reveal how pain and therapies are processed

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Migraine

The holidays drive everyone nuts.  You've got those special relatives and/or friends that spout off their laundry list of gifts they expect you to buy, the lines are long, people are cranky, you can never find a parking space, and then there's cleaning the entire house and making the seven course meal that will be devoured and forgotten about in five minutes.  I must admit that I tend to get loopy and start to sing strange versions of Christmas songs to keep my sanity-- hence the title of this blog entry.  I'm also guilty of making oddly shaped Christmas cookies that aren't "G" rated, and a glass of wine also has never hurt me during this season.

On top of all of this holiday cheer, you've also got to make sure the kids get to soccer, basketball, hockey, dance, karate, and/or whatever else they are into, figure out and do the school science project, make erupting volcanoes for the minor science project, research family trees that need to comp…

Weaning and Medication

Weaning off of medication is something that many Fibro patients find themselves thinking about.  Some decide on this because they like to have a family while others feel they would be healthier to do so.  And sometimes, you or your doctor may feel that it's time for you to wean.  If you are finding that you're considering going off of your pain medication(s) for any reason there are some things you should think about before you decide to take the med-free road.

Talk with your doctor.  You doctor is your best ally on your med-free journey.  He or she can suggest your best course for weaning, especially if you are on certain kinds of pain medications.  Certain pain medications are actually narcotics and opioids and even though they are by prescription, the side effects you may have can be the same experience drug addicts have from illicit drugs.  Going "cold turkey" is not something that is suggested by doctors if you've been taking these types of pain killers becau…