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Tai chi appears to help fibromyalgia patients

Watchdog: When Social Security says 'no' -

6 Weeks of Bliss

We all got to talking on about gifts and what we'd like to give and receive this year.  I thought about it long and hard and came up with this...

The best gift I can receive is a little time-- say five minutes a day away from the entire family-- including the pets.  I'd like to try and use that 5 minutes to meditate.

The best gift I can give is healthy inspiration to everyone I know both physically and virtually.  I truly believe that health is achieved through state of mind, as well as proper diet and exercise.  And I think this is especially true for the chronically ill since they live with disease in the long term.

Depression can creep up on the chronically ill.  It can mask itself as part of the disease so much so that some people don't even realize that they are depressed.  Depression can be a dark place.  It's hard sometimes to see yourself out of it because there seems to be no light.

I speak from experience because I too have had to naviga…

Food's Lasting Effects

Do you still believe that cheap food is okay to eat?  Think again!  My Dad and I are running an experiement with cheap three month old hot dog rolls.  We are waiting to see hou long it will take for them to go bad.

The expiration date is from 9/25/2011 and they haven't gotten stale nor have they molded.  How sick is that?!  Pun intended!

A Novel Approach to Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia - Natural Medicine Tips

Sunnyvale Hypnosis Center Announces they are Offering Symptom Relief from Fibromyalgia Using Medical Hypnosis

This looks like a very interesting and controversial topic. Hypnosis was commonly used as pallor tricks for magic shows. It gained recognition when used to help people quit smoking or loose weight. I'm surprised to see people now using it for Fibromyalgia relief. I'm actually a little saddened by this because it seems that society as a whole has not come to grips with the fact that Fibromyalgia is a real disease. Real diseases need real doctors, real treatments, and real diagnoses in order to have relief.

Pain pills and trick words to pretend the pain away are really making things worse for us all. The body has pain naturally occur for an actual reason-- it's trying to tell you something is wrong. New research has to be done for this disease so we all know where the source of it is. If we find out that it happens to actually be a brain abnormality then magic pills or words are not the solution.

The band-aid factor that the medical industry is using to cure our alime…

Sleep Problems Linked to Fibromyalgia

Less is More During the Holidays

The holidays have approached us and the hustle and bustle can give way to stress and flares very easily if a fibromite is not careful.  Listed below are my top ten tips during this busy season.

Tree trimming 101:  You don't have to trim your tree all in one day, in fact it is better to let an artificial one rest once you get it out of that attic.  Put the tree together, fluff it, and let it rest for an evening or two before you put all of the ornaments on.Bake ahead.  It's nice to have everyone over, but sometimes it's not so nice when you have to cook everything.  Bake your desserts, cookies, and pies a few weeks ahead of time and freeze them.  They will be just as fresh once they are thawed as they would be if you baked the day (or morning) before.Don't shop till you drop.  Long lines are never good on fibro knees.  Plan on shopping during retail's down times.  Mid-morning after the early bird specials is a good time and later in the evening between 7-10 is also o…

Improving Brain Function in Fibromyalgia Patients

This study, though small is a shining example of what can happen for Fibro sufferers who go med-free.

Stay fabulous!
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Hell Has Carpets by Amanda Kimberley in Biographies & Memoirs

This ebook is a short story about my life as a care giver. It's in a contest being done by
Care giving can be hell, especially when you have a chronic illness. It is down right exhausting too.
The best top 5 tips:
1. Get plenty of rest. You will not do yourself or the one you are caring for any good if you aren't getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep nightly.
2. Exercise. Even if you only have enough time for a brisk 15 minute walk, it's still a good idea to exercise. Exercising releases serotonin, a natural chemical that helps aid in keeping your spirits up.
3. Eat well. A well balanced diet will help you maintain enough strength throughout the day to care for another. It also levels out your blood sugar which can spike if you eat too many sugary snacks and beverages. The sugar may also make you crash causing you to feel tired.
4. Keep your doctor's appointments. You are no good to any one if you neglect your own health while caring for a loved one…

The Pursuit of Liberty by Amanda Kimberley in Poetry

Amanda Kimberley is my pen name for fiction and even though my fiction writing has very little to do with Fibro and Fabulous topic-wise, I thought I'd share my latest two ebooks with all of you.
Writing fiction is my form of stress relief. I get to hide in my characters' worlds for a while. It's one of the ways for me to be as pain-free as possible.
Stay fabulous! Love and friendship,
Kimberley The Pursuit of Liberty by Amanda Kimberley in Poetry:

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Chiropractic Care and Fibromyalgia

I must admit that before the first week of October of this year I didn't give chiropractic care much thought. I knew it existed and thought it was a great form of help for people that had suffered back injuries. It never occurred to me that chiropractic care could help someone with Fibromyalgia. In early October I had attended a local fair with my family. Most of the time I don't get to go into the building that houses local businesses because my children tend to find that building boring. They'd rather go on the rides or partake in a tractor pull race. But this year was different and I was able to go through the building with a friend who introduced me to her chiropractor at his booth. His thoughts on homeopathic care as opposed to traditional forms of medicine intrigued me because these views seemed right in line with mine. He believes that surgery on any joint should be a last resort and he also believes that medicine will only mask what's really going o…

Homeless Boca Raton woman turns to Twitter for help

Dr Franky Dolan: Powerful plea, CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other Invisible Diseases - help!

This video touched my heart and I have to share. Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley

FDA Warns Supplement Maker Over Misleading Claims

New Hope For Fighting Fibromyalgia Pain Muscle Relaxant May Ease Fibromyalgia Pain

Study Shows Sleep Aids Could Be Linked To Increased Mortality

The Why Factor for Fibro Flares

Flares are something that each of us struggle with on a daily basis. We constantly ask the question, why today? Is there something special about today? Did I do something wrong yesterday? What could possibly be the reason for my pain?

Most of the time we have the answer, we are either over-worked, over-tired, over-stressed, or a combination of all three. If you live in a perfect world, you can chalk the day up to experience, move on, and never make the same mistake in your life again-- in a perfect world.

I don't live in a perfect world, as I'm sure, neither do any of you. And when our world is imperfect, or worse, crashes down around us, we Fibromites tend to find flares as part of our norm, rather than infrequent.

Stress and life's crises always come about. Sometimes they are unavoidable, like when your position at work changes due to downsizing, and sometimes life can slap you in the face, like when someone you love passes away suddenly.

Recently I've had…

Rock Recipes: Blueberry Balsamic Pork Chops

Rock Recipes: Blueberry Balsamic Pork Chops: "Here's one of our family favorite pork chop recipes for a quick weekday supper. Nothing beats good old wild Newfoundland blueberries in thi..."

Fibromyalgia? There's an App For That!

Primary Care and Fibromyalgia

Most Fibromyalgia sufferers you talk to will tell you it took several doctors and years to get diagnosed. When this happens the patient gets discouraged and sometimes looses all hope. In the frustration, sometimes we Fibro sufferers loose faith in the fact that there are good doctors out there on our side.

One doctor, Bill H. McCarberg, MD of San Diego, CA is one of those good doctors. He presented at the recent Pain Meetings in Washington, DC. I will be posting a link to Doctor Bill McCarberg's video presentation on Twitter and Facebook (I can't link it here) so if you'd like to see it, follow me on there.

Stay fabulous!
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Blog Jog Day

Welcome to Blog Jog Day! Please enjoy my site then click over to to see what the next Blog has to offer! Lost in the links? You can always go back to the main Blog Jog Day Blog at and find a new link to jog from. Thank you for stopping by my site!

Yoga boosts stress-busting hormone, reduces pain, study finds

How Fibro Sufferers Can Beat the Heat

The extreme heat that Connecticut had been facing about a decade of summers ago had made it difficult for me to enjoy the dog days. I used to practically live outside all summer long when I was a kid, only going inside for food and sleep.

My symptoms ran rampant during extremely hot days as a newly diagnosed fibro adult and I tried to avoid the heat like the plague. I was finding it difficult to breath and to move due to the pain. I knew I had to do something for relief, but I wasn't exactly sure what.

At first I tried to live without an air conditioner. My thinking was that the extreme change in temperature was the culprit. I figured if I could eliminate the drastic change, my body would become more used to the summer again and I could finally remember what it was like to enjoy the warm weather. That worked until the past two summer's temperatures were breaking records set 40 years ago.

My asthma then kicked in, causing a whole other set of problems, including extrem…

‘Health Adviser’ Uses Natural Ways to Help Individuals Heal - The Missourian: St Clair News

I wanted to share this particular article because I believe that Natural Doctors are making some important strides in aiding patients with diseases like Fibromyalgia. Homeopathic care is on the rise, but it is not always recognized. In this article you with see that this particular doctor is nationally certified, but she is not recognized as being so in her home state. Hopefully this outlook will change as Natural Doctors become more popular.

It is important to know, as with any doctor, it's always good to do your research. Read up on the treatments they suggest, find out if there is any side effects to medicine they prescribe, and if you don't feel comfortable with a particular diagnosis, get a second opinion.

‘Health Adviser’ Uses Natural Ways to Help Individuals Heal - The Missourian: St Clair News: "After looking fibromyalgia in the eye and beating it, Angie
Chaudoir decided to move from corporate America to a more natural

Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy | Articles | Pregnancy Today

I really don't think there's enough out there on this subject and it's important for every sufferer to know that a woman can have a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth of a child while having Fibromyalgia. Any pregnancy has its fair share of symptoms and Fibromyalgia should not be an excuse to not have children.

The important things about Fibromalgia and pregnancy are listed in the article below, but I'd like to reiterate that many doctors will not consider a Fibro patient a high-risk pregnancy unless it's absolutely needed. I was not a high-risk, in fact my pregnancy was pretty normal aside from being induced. And that had nothing to do with Fibro. I'm just one of those gals that needs a little help with labor because I tend to have long ones. I was also induced with my first and I had my first long before my Fibro diagnoses.

Another factor to consider is a calm setting. Birthing places have come a long way. Most look like 5 star accommodations today an…

5 Surprising Signs of an Unhealthy Heart

This topic may not have a lot to do with Fibromyalgia, but it could. Some of the symptoms described are extremely close to Fibro symptoms and you could be dismissing some very serious warning signs. If you are at all in doubt of what your body is trying to tell you, don't hesitate to call for an appointment with your doctor.
5 Surprising Signs of an Unhealthy Heart

Friends and Fibro

Today's news story about Caylee Anthony was not a very happy ending for the people I know that watched it.  I must admit that I did not because I couldn't stomach the news story to begin with.  I have two daughters myself and I could never picture my life without them.  I'm not one to ever accuse anyone of anything, especially as a journalist, I have a code of conduct I uphold.  It's not my job to speculate, however, I do believe that justice is always served.  God sees to that and Caylee's killer will be exposed with the justice that is deserving for that little girl.

Today, for me at least, was filled with a lot of sadness.  I've had a lot in my own life to deal with when it comes to loss as of late.  I try hard not to dwell on the negative, so let's focus on the positive and look at something to be grateful for.  I am grateful for friends when it comes to my Fibro issues.

Having friends that are there for you when you are in a flare is a Godsend.  I have…

The 10 Dirtiest Foods You're Eating

Think you have the latest bug going around or that your Fibro IBS symptoms are causing you grief? Your stomach might be telling you something completely different:

The 10 Dirtiest Foods You're Eating

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


Food Labels and the Missing Fine Print

A rather interesting article was in the local Hartford Courant today.The article was written by Consumer Reports and explained that insects and toxins are allowed in our food. Shop Smart, the shopping magazine from the publisher of Consumer Reports just recently announced some interesting finds that food labels won't contain.  Here is a list of those findings:

Can I Get a Little More Protein With That?
The Food and Drug Administration will allow companies that grow, harvest, and process food a little leeway when it comes to bugs and other crawling critters.  They deem this as naturally occurring defects.  This means that a certain amount of full and partial bugs can be added for that extra protein kick, as well as a few rodent hairs mixed in for flavor.  YUMMY!

Obviously, if bugs disgust you as much as they do me, return the product if you happen to find one.  I remember seeing a few live ones inside a loaf of bread while in line at the grocer.  I kindly let the cashier know that I…

The Elimination Diet

I'm a big wrestling fan and I'm thinking about the "Elimination Chamber" matches from the WWE as we speak.  In wrestling, you have a winner and a loser and usually a good guy and a bad one.  Sometimes the bad guy wins because he's sneaky and we hate that, but that's the appeal of wrestling.

Whether you are a fan or not of wrestling, most people who suffer from fibro can hate elimination when it comes to diets because we have the good and the bad angel speaking to us.  We fibro sufferers who have been around the block know that these diets exist to help us eliminate the bad guys from our diets.  Many will find, like I did, that processed food is a major culprit.  Some will see gluten as a problem, and others are left in the dark.

My post today is to those people still looking.  Please know that an Elimination Diet is still a good idea-- even if you have a demon and angel complex because you can find out a lot about your body.  The best thing to remember is tha…

Fibro and Fabulous, Amazon, and the State of Connecticut

To My Dear Readers,

The governor of the state of Connecticut has passed an extra tax law here and despite my views of the greed of today, I have no choice but to comply.  You all know that I have dedicated my life to helping all of you feel fabulous as best as I can.  I do this out of my own pocket.  I don't get any type of compensation for what I do, and as a matter of fact, I don't even break even for my published books on this subject.  Most authors of today don't see a profit, we just write because we love it.

Having said that, I will continue to the best of my ability, to offer as much information on Fibromyalgia as I can to all of you as long as I can afford it.  I don't need to let any of you know that the economy has hit me harshly because all of you feel the pinch too.  What I do need you to know is that this blog will be getting a huge makeover.  I am removing all Amazon ads as per Connecticut law, and I may have to remove Adsense ads as well.  Below is the …

Fibro Fog: The Bad and the Ugly of Fibromyalgia

I knew in the beginning where I'd go with this post but somehow the words are becoming a bit of a blur.  My thoughts are in muddled water, slipping through the dried cracks of the earth I refer to as my brain.  Some thoughts have laid there so long that they've dried up in a desert like fashion, hoping and praying for rain.  Still, I know I wanted to express my thoughts about fibro fog and how it's grip takes hold on my day to day living, but I just can't put my finger on the words that I wanted to express.

I think you know what I mean when I say fibro fog, right?  It's that thing that keeps me and every other sufferer who has this symptom from thinking straight.  It can send one into spirals that swirl in every direction, and unfortunately for me, they tend to go downward when I'm faced with the fact that my focus isn't as clear as it needs to be.

Fibro fog is a horrible symptom of fibromyalgia.  It can make you feel depressed, crazy, and in your darkest h…

Why Your Skin Issues May Be More Than Fibro Related explains that a wheat allergy may be to blame for some pesky symptoms like arthritis, skin rashes (including eczema), tiredness, irritable bowel (IBS), muscle aches and pains.  Sound like some of your Fibro symptoms?  I know they sound like mine.

Now, I'm not saying that all of my problems will go away if I become a vegan or go gluten and wheat-free, but it may help.  The only true way for me to find out if I have a wheat allergy is to go to a professional.  My doctor can perform a skin prick or blood test to see if wheat may be the culprit to my on-going four year battle with hand eczema.

Eczema and other skin rashes can be a symptom of Fibromyalgia.  I was born with eczema around my eyes.  I didn't have many issues when I was young, and the small flares I did have were easily managed with a little prescription skin cream.

When I reached my twenties my skin disorder took a turn for the worst.  I would get a flare around my eyes at least once a month.  The docto…

Fruits for Health: Recipes for Cough Syrup, Teas, Face Masks and More - Natural Health - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Looking for homemade alternatives for your health and beauty? Here are a few wonderful recipes made from common fruit.

Fruits for Health: Recipes for Cough Syrup, Teas, Face Masks and More - Natural Health - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

When Penny Pinching is NOT a Good Idea

In today's day and age where gas prices are high along with every other necessity, one tends to look for any way to pinch pennies.  Some ways, like growing your own victory garden, scaling back on your cell phone bill, or buying generic products, are good.  But there is one particular way of pinching pennies that is very bad for a Fibro sufferer.

Coupon clipping is NOT a way to pinch pennies for people with Fibromyalgia because the coupons that come out in your local paper are usually for items that are filled with chemicals and preservatives that can cause a flare.  I'm sure some of you will argue with me and state that I should try and surf the web for some great deals, but this gal is not convinced since I had to spend several minutes searching for food sites only to find one match for a quality food which was flour.

Another argument I usually hear is, well if I had money I'd buy the good stuff but it's just too expensive.  Again, this just isn't true, besides, …

Fibro and Relationships

Okay readers, you might want the kids to step away from the computer as you read this entry because I'll be talking about sex again.  It's not often that I post twice in one day, but I just had to this time because this article got me thinking.

Everything in the article is wonderful.  It has great tips for people dealing with this beast that can be a pain in the neck when it comes to sex.  I've been advocating having a healthy sexual relationship with your partner ever since I was diagnosed too.  There's just one thing that keeps bugging me and that's the fact that some people look at their medications as a reason not to have sex.

Yep, it's a sad state.  There are a ton of people walking around in this world putting up with medications that have lousy side effects because they feel trapped.  These medications may help with the physical pain, but they certainly can't be doing much for the emotiona…

Journal Writing

Journal writing is a wonderful practice.  It is a wonderful stress reliever and it also can help track your flares and symptoms.  This is something I've been advocating since I was first diagnosed.  It really helped me become as flare-free as possible and I know it can help any of the newly diagnosed, as well as some veteran sufferers.

Today in my Goggle alerts I came across this article that is putting a spin on journal writing.  It's now on the internet!  I guess I can truly forget about the ancient pen and paper now LOL!

Stay fabulous!
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Angela Segal Glazer, Ph,D on Importance and Needs

I don't get a chance to vegetate very often.  My dog, cats, fish, kids, hubby, and grandmother don't leave me much wiggle room.  Some days I tend to call it an early night and crash before I've even had a chance to relax.  Every mom out there goes through this, I know.  You work through breakfast and lunch and then wonder why you are so hungry.  It's utterly crazy what we put our body through and really should be no wonder why it threw up and gave us Fibromyalgia!

Mothers seem to be the most ignored and neglected people on earth.  Let's face it-- people take our talents, energy, and time for granted.  And most of us tend to just sit there and take it.  Why?  Because we aren't very good at expressing our importance or our needs.

I came across a gal by the name of Angela Segal Glazer, Ph.D who created Whole Soul, a site about living raw and real.  She believes we all should be true to ourselves.  You can find her Facebook page here…

Retirement, Edge, and Deep Thoughts

Wrestling is not a subject I talk about often on Fibro and Fabulous.  I enjoy the entertainment side of wrestling very much.  My family and I watch RAW and SMACKDOWN faithfully and I've been a fan since childhood.  Something happened this past Monday on RAW that lead me to tears and I don't cry very easily, but this really hit home...

Edge (Adam Copeland) is my age and he had to retire from something he loves.  It hurt to watch his speech because he's too young to have to be dealing with a tired, worn-out body.  It's sad to hear him say that he feels he's let his fans down and that he's mad at his body quitting on him.

This wrestler may not have Fibromyalgia-- and really-- let's not spread any rumor of that sort, but he most definitely is going through all of the same emotions that every Fibromite goes through when they have to come to terms with the fact that they can't do what they once did.  I know I went thr…

Down by the Willow Tree

I've been in the process of writing some fiction when it comes to Fibromyalgia.  Yep-- you heard me right, fiction.  I'm not talking about the kind of fiction that some doctors have told sufferers for ages (stating that the pain is all in our head).  No, I'm talking about an actual novel about a gal who struggles with the disease.

The novel, which is based on some facts in my life, shows a person's transformation from being newly diagnosed and depressed to finding out how to feel fabulous.  I couldn't make this novel historically factual.  All of the names have been changed to protect the innocent victims of this disease.  There is however, a lot of love, romance, fun, and tragedy all rolled up into one book.

I'm still in the stages of revision with this novel, and, God willing, an agent will be looking at it at the writer's convention I'm attending in May.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, and if you can, send some good thoughts my way. 

Regardless of…

Though the above link only touches on Fibromyalgia in the sense that its symptoms mimic Lyme disease, I wanted to share it all with you.  This link discusses film makers that are trying to put a human face on a search for a cure of many now well known diseases. 

Lyme is discussed because this particular disease, according to the documentary Under Our Skin, has been subjected to insurance companies wanting a profit as opposed to allowing patients' doctors to treat their disease.  This is nothing new.

Illinois just settleed with Blue Cross and Blue Shield to allegations that the large insurance company moved some of their sick child care claims to Medicaid and denied some claims all together.  Blue Cross settled by paying out 25 million.

Surprisingly or not, it's not just the health i…

You're A Person Not A Machine

You're A Person Not A Machine

I just recently took a listen to this particular snippet from Wonderful Web Woman about the Australian Swimmer Shelley Taylor-Smith. In this short interview, Shelley discusses how one can realign their core values and feel like a person again as opposed to determining your self worth by your to do list.

I found this interview fascinating because I related it to Fibromyalgia. Many of us when newly diagnosed determine our worth by comparing our newly diagnosed selves with our old healthy ones. It's something that's simply not fair for us to do to ourselves because there is nothing to compare things with.

Our old life is gone. We can't get it back completely, but we certainly can incorporate "core values" back into our new life. All we have to do is redefine ourselves into who we are, not define ourselves by what we can do. A champion is constantly redefining themselves because they are determined to win.

If we start to thi…

The Spices of Life Should Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

I haven't touched on the subject of herbs in almost a year and I find it appropriate to talk about them now since Spring has supposedly sprung on the calendar.  Of course, you'd never know that if you looked outside this morning in New England-- we got more snow!!!  All kidding aside, this is the perfect time to start your herb gardens.  I've had my seedlings growing indoors for about two weeks.

Herbs can pack quite a punch to your meals, but did you know that they can also aid you in relief of certain aliments and disease?  Common herbs like chili, thyme, basil, and sage have been known to do just that.  In fact, Bharat Aggarwal, author of Healing Spices, lists 50 common spices that can be used in a healthful way to help with your conditions.

The art of using herbs to aid in healing is not new.  People from all around the world have been using herbs for centuries.  It is not known exactly when man's interest in herbs started, but we do have a recording of a Chinese E…

Taking the 'T Out of Can't

Can't, I've been hearing that a lot lately and it usually has to do with Fibro pain.  I've heard it all, but the saying usually goes something like this...

I can't do A because I'll come down with symptom B.Yes, that could happen, but have you ever thought of C? 

I was never that great in math.  And science always had me confused, but in general, C is the outcome that happens when you ignore A and B.  I found this out recently while testing my limits during a Girl Scout sleep over at a local aquarium.

Now, you may be thinking I'm off my rocker because limits are the first thing that I tell everyone to set when they are newly diagnosed.  I've written about this time and time again in blog entries, articles, and even my books.  So how could testing them be such a good idea when limits are good to have for Fibro sufferers?

Any mother will tell you that kids and commitments tend to stretch these limits, and sometimes, they even break them.  Let's face it, …

The Bathroom

It's my least favorite room in the house because I'm the one that has to clean it.  I don't mind the toilet because crap doesn't talk back, and well, frankly I don't have to bend my body into a pretzel in order to clean the gosh darn thing.  The shower on the other hand is my most hated chore.  I've tried hide the dirt by covering the unsightliness with a very pretty shower curtain, but alas, it doesn't work.  I know the dirt is there.

That dirt toys with me, you know.  It FB pokes me in the middle of the night-- I swear!  It wants me to give it some attention, I know and I try-- really I do because this neat freak NEEDS to.  But when I'm flaring, it's different.  Flares suck, let's face it. 

We all flare differently, but in the end, all we really want is a fast way to clean the bathroom while in one.  So here goes...

First off, those all purpose Clorox Wipes are a God send!  Use those to clean the sink, toilet, and floor.  Clean the floor aroun…

The Power of Prayer

Dr. Oz recently aired a show about a Roman Catholic practitioner being a healer for those who are sick.   Being a sensible journalist, I don't want to go out on a limb and compare Dr Nemeh to Jesus, but he's intriguing.  You can find a link to his website here....

The reason why I'm intrigued is because I truly wonder about faith and its role in how well we Fibro sufferers tolerate our every day pains.  I by no means want to get religious on any of you.  You all have your faiths.  I'm not here to brag about mine or try to convince you of anything.  I merely want to have a discussion that makes you think.

Faith is an interesting concept because we all have faith in the fact that when we go to sleep, the sun will rise when we wake.  We have faith in the fact that our cars will run so we can drop our kids off to school and go to work.  We also have faith in the fact that we Fibro sufferers have good and bad days.

Why do we have that?  What make…

We Are Not Alone in the Fibro Battle

With 2-4 percent of the human population being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it's no surprise that there are celebrities dealing with this beast.  What's a little surprising is the fact that some are now talking about it in the open!  Below is an article from Celebrity Health that discusses 5 celebrities doing just that, and some of the ones diagnosed may surprise you.

Stay fabulous!
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Kids+Toys=Fibro Flare Stress

I used to think it was only me who struggled to find matching socks in the room I dubbed The Abyss, otherwise known as my daughter's room.  I felt like I failed somehow or somewhere along the line, embarrassed by the toy-garnished floor.

My childhood life, so my dear friend always says, was COMPLETELY opposite of what others go through.  Growing up, I was a neat freak.  Everything had a place.  On Saturdays, I'd spend hours dusting my room and rearranging the few figurines and collectibles I had.  It was fun for me.  My Mom was no different.  I grew up with a Mom that would put Adrian Monk to shame-- seriously!!!
My Mom always had everything in its place.  The house was unbelievably clean and VERY white.  White curtains, white walls, counters, appliances, the place looked (and smelled) like a hospital.  There were days when I thought Lysol was my Mother's choice of perfume.

Despite my upbringing, I've managed to relax my Vulcan Death Grip on the house-- for Fibro's…