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Less is More During the Holidays

The holidays have approached us and the hustle and bustle can give way to stress and flares very easily if a fibromite is not careful.  Listed below are my top ten tips during this busy season.

Tree trimming 101:  You don't have to trim your tree all in one day, in fact it is better to let an artificial one rest once you get it out of that attic.  Put the tree together, fluff it, and let it rest for an evening or two before you put all of the ornaments on.Bake ahead.  It's nice to have everyone over, but sometimes it's not so nice when you have to cook everything.  Bake your desserts, cookies, and pies a few weeks ahead of time and freeze them.  They will be just as fresh once they are thawed as they would be if you baked the day (or morning) before.Don't shop till you drop.  Long lines are never good on fibro knees.  Plan on shopping during retail's down times.  Mid-morning after the early bird specials is a good time and later in the evening between 7-10 is also o…

Improving Brain Function in Fibromyalgia Patients

This study, though small is a shining example of what can happen for Fibro sufferers who go med-free.

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Hell Has Carpets by Amanda Kimberley in Biographies & Memoirs

This ebook is a short story about my life as a care giver. It's in a contest being done by
Care giving can be hell, especially when you have a chronic illness. It is down right exhausting too.
The best top 5 tips:
1. Get plenty of rest. You will not do yourself or the one you are caring for any good if you aren't getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep nightly.
2. Exercise. Even if you only have enough time for a brisk 15 minute walk, it's still a good idea to exercise. Exercising releases serotonin, a natural chemical that helps aid in keeping your spirits up.
3. Eat well. A well balanced diet will help you maintain enough strength throughout the day to care for another. It also levels out your blood sugar which can spike if you eat too many sugary snacks and beverages. The sugar may also make you crash causing you to feel tired.
4. Keep your doctor's appointments. You are no good to any one if you neglect your own health while caring for a loved one…

The Pursuit of Liberty by Amanda Kimberley in Poetry

Amanda Kimberley is my pen name for fiction and even though my fiction writing has very little to do with Fibro and Fabulous topic-wise, I thought I'd share my latest two ebooks with all of you.
Writing fiction is my form of stress relief. I get to hide in my characters' worlds for a while. It's one of the ways for me to be as pain-free as possible.
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Kimberley The Pursuit of Liberty by Amanda Kimberley in Poetry:

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