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The 10 Dirtiest Foods You're Eating

Think you have the latest bug going around or that your Fibro IBS symptoms are causing you grief? Your stomach might be telling you something completely different: The 10 Dirtiest Foods You're Eating Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley

Food Labels and the Missing Fine Print

A rather interesting article was in the local Hartford Courant today.   The article was written by Consumer Reports and explained that insects and toxins are allowed in our food. Shop Smart, the shopping magazine from the publisher of Consumer Reports just recently announced some interesting finds that food labels won't contain.  Here is a list of those findings: Can I Get a Little More Protein With That? The Food and Drug Administration will allow companies that grow, harvest, and process food a little leeway when it comes to bugs and other crawling critters.  They deem this as naturally occurring defects .  This means that a certain amount of full and partial bugs can be added for that extra protein kick, as well as a few rodent hairs mixed in for flavor.  YUMMY! Obviously, if bugs disgust you as much as they do me, return the product if you happen to find one.  I remember seeing a few live ones inside a loaf of bread while in line at the grocer.  I kindly let the cashier

The Elimination Diet

I'm a big wrestling fan and I'm thinking about the "Elimination Chamber" matches from the WWE as we speak.  In wrestling, you have a winner and a loser and usually a good guy and a bad one.  Sometimes the bad guy wins because he's sneaky and we hate that, but that's the appeal of wrestling. Whether you are a fan or not of wrestling, most people who suffer from fibro can hate elimination when it comes to diets because we have the good and the bad angel speaking to us.  We fibro sufferers who have been around the block know that these diets exist to help us eliminate the bad guys from our diets.  Many will find, like I did, that processed food is a major culprit.  Some will see gluten as a problem, and others are left in the dark. My post today is to those people still looking.  Please know that an Elimination Diet is still a good idea-- even if you have a demon and angel complex because you can find out a lot about your body.  The best thing to remember is

Fibro and Fabulous, Amazon, and the State of Connecticut

To My Dear Readers, The governor of the state of Connecticut has passed an extra tax law here and despite my views of the greed of today, I have no choice but to comply.  You all know that I have dedicated my life to helping all of you feel fabulous as best as I can.  I do this out of my own pocket.  I don't get any type of compensation for what I do, and as a matter of fact, I don't even break even for my published books on this subject.  Most authors of today don't see a profit, we just write because we love it. Having said that, I will continue to the best of my ability, to offer as much information on Fibromyalgia as I can to all of you as long as I can afford it.  I don't need to let any of you know that the economy has hit me harshly because all of you feel the pinch too.  What I do need you to know is that this blog will be getting a huge makeover.  I am removing all Amazon ads as per Connecticut law, and I may have to remove Adsense ads as well.  Below is t

Fibro Fog: The Bad and the Ugly of Fibromyalgia

I knew in the beginning where I'd go with this post but somehow the words are becoming a bit of a blur.  My thoughts are in muddled water, slipping through the dried cracks of the earth I refer to as my brain.  Some thoughts have laid there so long that they've dried up in a desert like fashion, hoping and praying for rain.  Still, I know I wanted to express my thoughts about fibro fog and how it's grip takes hold on my day to day living, but I just can't put my finger on the words that I wanted to express. I think you know what I mean when I say fibro fog, right?  It's that thing that keeps me and every other sufferer who has this symptom from thinking straight.  It can send one into spirals that swirl in every direction, and unfortunately for me, they tend to go downward when I'm faced with the fact that my focus isn't as clear as it needs to be. Fibro fog is a horrible symptom of fibromyalgia.  It can make you feel depressed, crazy, and in your darkes