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Family, Friends, and Flares

During the holiday season one can think of a lot about food prep, cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling, and getting rid of any old magazines that seem to pile up on the coffee table.  I don't know about you, but for me, it's a constant struggle to keep the house clean and presentable to guests.  Yeah, my friends and family won't mind a little dirt here and there, but I mind.  I'm Monk in a house of people who are not.  It's very frustrating at times and can lead to a lot of stress on my part.  I tend to yell and cry a lot because the frustration brings my fibro into overdrive.  I get really crazed at night when I know I have at least 8 more hours of work and only 1 or 2 more hours to do it in.  Life can be tough and no one on this Earth has ever said it was easy, but for some of us fibro sufferers, it can be down right detrimental when we are dealing with normal stress on top of unexpected stress.  Normal stress is easy for most people.  You get up, you get ready

It's here!

Fibro and Fabulous, the book is finally here!  It does not have an ISBN number, so it can only be purchased at at a special rate.  I am forgoing the ISBN at this point so all of you can get at a good discount.  Don't forget to check out my main website for information on an additional discount from Lulu.  Lulu's only runs till the end of November, so hurry. I hope you will all enjoy this labor of love.  I truly cherish each and every one of you.  You are my reason for getting up to write in the morning and the reason to stay up late to finish a book!  I can't thank any of you enough for that! Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley

Stevia: This Sugar Substitute Is Sweet and Healthy

Stevia: This Sugar Substitute Is Sweet and Healthy Stevia is a really good substitute for sugar. I like it a lot, however, I must admit that I did not know all of the health benefits that Stevia can bring. This article touches on a few studies that were done on patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. The patients had lowered their blood pressure and sugar levels-- a sweet effect. There is also a couple of great recipes in the article too and with the holidays coming up, one could use these. Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley Update: I wanted all of you to know that I working hard at releasing a new book before November 30th so you all can get the book at a discount through Lulu. The book will be entitled Fibro and Fabulous , a tribute to this blog. It will have a lot of fun and new topics, as well as, some of your favorite posts from here. Look for it soon!

Great Books, Great Buys for the Month of November

I normally don't partake in very many contests.  I don't win anything unless it's something I can't use, so I usually don't even bother.  I remember winning a ton of free music downloads when Pepsi was first doing the giveaways, but I'm convinced that the only reason why I won was because I didn't own a computer at that time.  It's pretty hard to use a free download when you don't have access to a computer.   This contest, however, was worth entering, because it allows me to give all of you, my cherished readers, a discount on my print books!  I like these kinds of contests because they allow me to do what I want to do for each and everyone of you. From now until November 30th, you can receive a discount on any of my print books.  Go to for more details about this great deal that Lulu is offering. BTW, we are almost half way to the getting another winner for an autographed copy of my book!  I know it may seem tha