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I know this is completely off topic for my fibro friends and some of you may not share Sean's views on religion.  HOWEVER this CD is going to help all the victims of Haiti so let's back it!

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Cencorship, Paypal, Smashwords... OH MY!!

I know this is completely off topic for me and I have to warn all the parents out there-- the sex word will be in this blog. But, here's the thing, I need to discuss censorship because I would never want to see a world where you would be denied knowledge due to it.  It would not be a fun world-- let's face it-- because every ill-thinking, negative person would have their way. 

You may think that's a bold statement, but it's really not.  Now, perhaps I'm speaking out of turn, but I can be this harsh with conviction because I've been censored at times due to my frank talk about sexuality.  Now, granted, that may be considered okay to some people because the awfully dirty word is in the title of one of my books and we should NEVER utter that word, but here's the kicker-- it's a book for adults and it's labeled accordingly at every site that carries it-- yet I've STILL been censored.

If people have their way, my whole blog could be censored due to s…

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