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Fibro 10 Years Later

It's been quite some time for me posting something of a personal nature on here. Part of the reason has been that I've lost both my Grandmother and Mom within the past 6 months or so. Mom just passed right before the holidays. It was not a shock. You regular blog readers have known that she has been sick with Alzheimer's for almost 25 years. Society has taken a strange turn here in the US. Almost 30% of us are caring for a loved one while having a family of our own AND maintaining a full-time job. The numbers will only get worse as half of us will have to deal with caring for someone with a chronic illness in the next 30 years. I found these numbers completely shocking when I was Googling anxiety and fibromyalgia for my own personal needs. You see, out of all the symptoms I have had over the course of the past several years, I'm finding panic attacks to be the worst. And I think it's because those attacks remind me of what I have lost. Both deaths were not s