Remembrance of Foods Past

Remembrance of Foods Past

I thought I'd discuss Comfort Foods today because it's a topic I haven't done in a long time. Above is an article dedicated to comfort foods for Senior Citizens. The writer makes a lot of good points that I've been expressing to my family and friends. I just haven't discussed them here since Senior care is a little off topic.

However, the idea of comfort foods also applies to Fibro sufferers. I went on an elimination diet when I was first diagnosed because I was convinced that a lot of the foods I was eating at the time were, put simply, killing me. I started with easy things, like eliminating boxed foods, such as mac & cheese. This was a great help. I started feeling a lot better and didn't want to look back, but I had this nagging feeling that would creep up on me from time to time. I couldn't help but feel like I was missing something. It was an awful feeling that at times left me depressed.

The reason why I felt this way wasn't from the Fibro, it ran much deeper. The problem with the elimination diet, at least to the newly diagnosed, is that it's hard to part with some comfort foods. I'm not into sweets, but I love salty foods like frozen pizza bites and mac & cheese. These foods were hard to give up because they really meant a lot more to me than sustenance. They were like a home coming that brought me back to the days when my mom was cooking. We'd talk while she prepared cut up, boiled hot dogs with mac & cheese and a dash of salt. The smell and the taste of that dish brings me back to a carefree time when both my mother and I weren't sick.

I may not be able to get that time back with my mom due to her Alzheimer's, but I can get back my memory of her cooking away with some comfort food every now and again. You might wonder how this could be possible since the food store isles are over stocked with products containing MSG and other chemicals they disguise as "additives". Well, it is possible if you are willing to do a little research while shopping. There are products, even hot dogs that are friendly to Fibro sufferers. Cookouts no longer have to be feared-- YEAH!!! All you have to do is look for a hot dog that doesn't contain fillers, in other words, a kosher product.

Boxed mac & cheese is another favorite of mine and I don't have to miss it either because I have substituted an organic one in it's place. The organic ones, which can usually be found right next to the chemically processed ones, don't contain any dyes that color your pasta an orange, yellow. These boxed products have actual real cheese that doesn't glow in the dark, a welcome change for this food lover.

It's been refreshing to see food stores changing with the times and stock wholesome products. Food stores have a long way to go before any of us can zip through the isles without having to scrutinize labels, but it's comforting to see some major changes none the less.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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