Monday, July 20, 2009

Defective Design

I am an avid HGTV watcher. I love to see all of the wonderful ideas they come up with for room design and another favorite is the Gardening Guy from Gardening by the Yard. I even cheered on David Bromstad when he won the first Design Star.

Design Star has been a pretty good show. I enjoy watching the raw talent become polished as the show progresses. A lot of times, at least with the first 3 years, you could tell which one of the designers would be going home on the first day. This year was different, though.

For those of you that don't watch, or have not had a chance to see the first episode, I will try and explain this without ruining too much, but this story needs to be told because it's a sad one. And frankly, if this is the way that HGTV wants to go, it won't be watched in my household ever again.

There were two contestants on the show named NataLee and Tashica that decided that they wanted to do a dramatic Hollywood bedroom design. They both went shopping for the room and spent what seemed like way too long at the stores. Once they got back, you could see Tashica rushing to get painter's tape on the floor and rushing to put silver paint on the floor, as well. They only had about an hour to do this before the first day was done, so anyone in their right mind would not even try to attempt to paint a floor at this point because the chance for major errors are more probable than for it to come out well.

The next day came and when they were pulling off the painters tape, they found that the silver paint bled through. This can be common with thin paint and you have to allow yourself time to fix it. Most designers who have even the slightest bit of experience would know this. However, time was not on their side. Tashica, not NataLee, said "We don't have time to fix it." They went to do what was left in the room and the cameras kept going on Tashica who kept saying "We don't have time." When lunch rolled around, NataLee asked when Tashica wanted to break for lunch and Tashica said "We don't have time." So NataLee tried to continue working until the day was done and on that particular day, they worked for 14 hours straight.

When the host called time, NataLee started to feel every muscle in her body ache and her body also started to shake from not eating. She ate a little and then tried to get some sleep. Once she woke, another contestant asked her how she was doing and she replied, "I feel like a truck hit me." I, of course, immediately sympathized with this poor woman because her statement echoed how I feel with the pain of fibromyalgia.

She got up, though, pain and all, and proceeded to try and finish the room. Tashica started to sound like a broken record and repeated her mantra of "We don't have time." Tashica in her rush to get things done, duct taped the curtains to the ceiling.

Now, needless to say, one of these two contestants went home that night because their room was the only one that was very poorly executed, but by reading this, which one do you think was sent home? Well, if you think it was the one that rushed through everything and slapped everything together with duct tape, while stating that "We don't have time.", you'd be wrong.

The judges felt that NataLee could not handle being a designer because she lacked stamina. Um, excuse me, but even a healthy person needs to stop and take a break if they are working 14 hour days. And let's see-- eat for God sake! I can't believe they'd let a girl go because she wanted to work, but they did. One of the judges did say that NataLee should have eaten, but come on now, if someone you work with-- or worse-- your boss said "We don't have time.", what would YOU do?

What's worse is that almost every comment on the first page of HGTV Design Star is filled with comments about how weak NataLee is and how she lacks stamina. I'm sorry, but this just disgusts me to no end that a bunch of people will except a poor, sloppy, uncaring, and certainly not a dedicated worker over someone who clearly has a disability, but CARES. I mean, would these people enjoy having a designer like Tashica come into their own homes and do over a room for them with duct tape? I know I wouldn't. I can't say for sure that NataLee has fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, but what I can say is that she should have been commended for trying so hard.

What's even more sad is the fact that society today seems to be embracing poor workmanship with open arms because it can be done quickly while shunning anyone with a disability that may take the time to be thorough. This just should not be stood for anymore. Everyone in this world is capable of designing a room the way they want. Some may take longer than others to do it, but that's not a reason to get rid of them. Getting rid of someone who performs poorly just to get ahead-- well that SHOULD be a reason!

Okay, I think I've said enough about HGTV and my boycott... I'm stepping down from my soap box now.

Stay fabulous!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cheaters Can Prosper

Living on Earth isn't easy when you have housework to do along with a full-time job. There are also a ton of other things that keep us busy like grocery shopping, getting the kids to soccer practice, and walking the dog. These types of day to day errands and chores can reek havoc on our stress levels when we are doing them, but for the most part, they can get done with little to no help. When someone who suffers from fibromyalgia, however, these tasks can be down right impossible without help. And that can make a chronic pain sufferer feel very dependent on others.

We all have to ask for help sometimes, but most of the time, we don't because we fibromites find ways to "cheat" through our day with special devices or tools. The devices or tools may vary from person to person in order to fit one's needs. I tend to use quite a few on a daily basis and they are pretty common household items.

This particular blog entry will discuss one of the valuable items I used with my youngest, Olivia. It made things a little easier for me when I fed her and held her. This item can be purchased in many department stores and is a well-known aid for feeding babies. I liked it very much, more so, than the other leading aides for feeding babies.

It was a good choice for me, but just because I like it, does not mean it is the greatest thing since sliced bread for you. As with anything I say, research it for yourself (and your doctor if need be) to see if it will work for you. I'll be doing a few blogs geared towards products that work well for me so that each of you can see if it will work for you too.

The product I'd like to discuss further today is the feeding pillow called My Brest Friend (TM). This pillow made it a lot easier for me to distribute Olivia's weight to the pillow while eliminating pressure from my shoulders, neck, and lower back. The added security of the pillow being able to wrap around my body so it wouldn't go anywhere, eased my mind from the fear of it, and the baby, falling from my arms. I also liked how the wrap around back had ample material to relieve back pain, a pain that is all too familiar to new moms, and to fibro sufferers.

We Mom's always like to take pride in our super human capabilities and we tend to shrug off the fact that we are tired. We also have a tendency NOT to even say how tired we are to our husband and girlfriends too because we've come to except that silly stereotype that Moms can do anything, anytime, and anywhere. We know that's far from the truth, because if there was any truth to it, we wouldn't have to sleep-- ever, and of course, we do. But still, we feel we MUST carry on, no matter what, because after all, if our own Mother was there, she'd be able to do it.

I used this pillow to help achieve super human strength every time I held Olivia at home for the first several of months. It was a God send for me on those days when human help was not possible at the time. The distribution of weight helped me hold her even when my muscles were very fatigued and this allowed me to cheat my way to prosperity.

Now, I'm not saying that tools and aids like these are going to be the answer to all of your life's questions. And I'm not saying these will be the magic pill or cure all for your day to day battle with this chronic beast. But finding the right kinds of tools and aids that help you and fit your lifestyle can make your life (and peace of mind) a little easier.

I also must make one other thing clear, I'm not endorsing anything I discuss because I'm not working for the company and I'm not getting any kickbacks either. The products I will discuss are ones that have worked for me and my lifestyle. That's all. There's nothing super special about them and they aren't any different than anything else out there, except for the simple fact that they worked for me. In my book, that makes them worth talking about.

I hope these entries will help, I'll be doing them from time to time. If you have any you'd like me to research or discuss-- let me know.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When Police Don’t See Your Invisible Condition

This is the type of story that makes me mad. It's just unbelievable that someone would have to go through something like this in today's world. I know everyone of us out there has a tendency to label people we come across every once in a while-- it's human nature to do so because it gives us a way to understand or relate to others, but this, this is ridiculous!
When Police Don’t See Your Invisible Condition

Monday, July 6, 2009

Natural Mosquito Repellent

One of the most common problems I've had over the years with Fibromyalgia is being chemically sensitive to everything out on the market. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've had to leave a store because of the strong smells of detergents, soaps, and chemicals.

It is very discouraging to a chemically sensitive fibro sufferer to try and live with the "to go" lifestyle of today. A lot of times we have to make our own products, buy organic, or, sometimes, we have to do without.

When I find something for sufferers that I know will work, I like to pass it along because I've always felt knowledge is power. This article is a way to make your own mosquito repellent that is all natural. What I like most about this way is the fact that you can make the scent as powerful or as minimal as YOU want and it will still work.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,

Natural Mosquito Repellent

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