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Essential Oils, Herbal Teas, and Pregnancy

Since my first pregnancy in 2000 I've read about the many things a pregnant woman should stay away from because it could possibly harm the growing baby.  Herbals in the form of teas and essential oils have taken the worst hit due to the bad press about over consumption of certain herbals, using oils in a baby's bath, and the intermixing of herbals with doctor prescribed medication.  The bad press started back in early 2000 due to a woman reporting stomach problems to her doctor.  Her condition worsened and became serious and they had attributed it to her over consumption of herbal teas, particularly St. John's Wart.  An article about the precautions of taking St. John's Wart is here:   The negativity gained new vigor with a rather recent finding of sterility in infant boys using lavender.  The lavender study is small and according to Live Strong, the possibility of lavender being the culprit of infertili

Working through the pain with Bee Natural Fibromyalgia Care Products

“I can't stand to see people in pain.” Marian, owner of Bee Natural said to me in a recent interview I had with her. Bee Natural Fibromyalgia Care Company, a new business, had its infant beginnings in 2011 with its official product research and development but Marian really had had the idea since her Fibromyalgia diagnoses. “There aren't many products out there geared specifically towards Fibromyalgia sufferers.  Most are for arthritis pain and they include Fibromyalgia.  My goal is to have products like my Deep Tissue Morning Bath Soak on popular store shelves like Walgreens and Walmart specifically for the sufferer.  I experimented with many different combinations of herbs and salts for this product for many years. In fact, one might say that I actually started my research and development way back in 2008 when I was first diagnosed with three different cancers and then Fibromyalgia.” Marian chose specific herbs and salts for Fibro sufferers in her bath s

Pregnancy at Week 4 and 5

Pregnancy at weeks 4 and 5 can be uneventful for some mothers.  In fact, they might not even know they are pregnant at that point.  But for some of the lucky, like me, you can experience anything from fatigue on top of your normal fatigue, sore breasts, sore lower back, constipation, diaherra, mood swings, nausea, dizziness, bloating, food cravings and aversions.  I've been lucky to experience all of the above at week 4 and 5 of my pregnancy.  Up top is a picture of week 4's bloating.  And below is a picture of week 5. I'm having a hard time fitting into my normal pants at this point and will have to start shopping for maternity clothes this weekend.  OMG! As my 4 yr old would say.  My first two pregnancies were nothing like this one.  I didn't "show" until my third month and even at that point I could still manage to fit into some of my clothes. Bloating can be from a number of things during pregnancy.  Tight clothing and what you eat play a major r

Fibro and Fabulous Pregnancy

Coming this August... A new addition to the Fibro and Fabulous Family!  Yes, that is right!  Your favorite Fibromyalgia author is pregnant!  As I do with everything Fibro, I will be posting about pregnancy from a fabulous stand point and you all will get to see the progress month by month.  Have a wonderful holiday! Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley

I'm Usually a Type A, but Lately...

Doctor Oz had a very interesting segment on today about metabolisms and food and how it can effect you and your health.  I like the Doctor Oz show a lot and I'm so glad that there is someone out there discussing the very things that I've said countless numbers of times over the years about food. Pills to cure illness were never a common staple with our ancestors and it shouldn't be for us either.  Simple changes in diet and lifestyle can make a huge difference for us all.  I know there are some skeptics out there.  They still want to hold onto to the traditions of pill-profit medicine and that's okay.  But if you'd rather save a few hundred dollars or so every month, you might want to consider the alternative. After taking Doctor Oz's test, I found that I'm a reformed Type A personality/metabolism.  Type A's suffer from anxiety which is something I've always struggled with, but perhaps the counseling I've gotten over the years for my OCD issu