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Fibro and Family Stress

Most of you know that I have been taking care of my grandparents and mom because of their illnesses and elderly needs. What you may not know is that my grandmother has passed. She was 94. This post will not be like my regular posts because I'm still dealing with a lot of stress so I will be streaming my emotions in this piece. It has taken me some time to write about this because I've been an emotional mess, and unfortunately due to my OCD, I like to keep my mess nice and tidy-- especially when it comes to death. Death has always been a taboo subject with me. I had a friend in high school die while I was entering my Senior Year. And during that year I also had a Great Grandma and Grandma die, too. I became very humbled at that point in my life because I took the sympathy that people could offer me. Granted it wasn't much because the grown ups in my life thought I shouldn't be hurt or upset since I was young-- OR-- they thought I should be strong for someone else b