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Another Autographed Book for Winner...

Jewel has won an autographed copy of my latest book based on this blog!  Congrats Jewel!  Please email me ( with an address to send the book out to along with your one of a kind book mark (made especially by me of course!)

The Power of Word Persuation

Classic rock music is a favorite of mine and I tend to listen to a station from Springfield Mass called Rock 102 on the way to Grandma's every morning.  In between sets of Areosmith and The Stones, I heard a commercial for something I thought was rather obscure.  It was an add for hypnosis.

Now, being the cynical consumer that I am, I normally chalk ads up as a form of selling propaganda.  However, I'm also a bit optimistic and will generally listen with an open mind if the ad is something worth while.  This particular ad was pretty straight forward and talked about using hypnosis to aid in loosing weight and quitting smoking-- something I normally hear for hypnosis, but then it went into aiding in chronic pain.

Chronic pain?  Could it be possible that something that was once used as a pallor trick to get people to cluck like chickens really help with chronic pain?  The answer is yes, it can according to magazines like Psychology Today.

A particular article published in Octobe…

Herbs: The Spice to Life

I recently took a trip to the book store with my daughter.  It's become a tradition to go every year around this time because we scout out books for my daughter's summer reading.  I also tend to pick up a title or two for my own summer reading pleasure.

We got to the magazine section and something caught my eye.  It was a copy of The Herb Quarterly.  I have always been an advocate of natural cures to aliments, even before being diagnosed.  My Grandmother taught me most of the common natural remedies like baking soda for bee stings, aloe for burns, and peppermint for an upset stomach.  These were great, but I knew they were only the start to my budding curiosity.  I knew there was more, I just didn't know where to start.

While thumbing through this magazine, I saw that I found a gem.  Articles like how to make your own lip balms, soaps, and lotions brightly popped from the pages.  I was happy to find such recipes because it may end my problems with chemical based products.…

Reiki and Fibromyalgia

I first heard the term Reiki about ten years ago.  A friend who was really into Renaissance Faires, Pagan holidays, and wearing black told me she was studying the technique.  She wanted to be a certified Reiki master.  I was happy for her but admitted to her that I knew nothing about Reiki at all and was a little skeptical to say the least.  I really didn't think that someone could will my pain to go away by waving their hands across my back.  It just seemed rather odd to me.

I didn't let that stop me, however.  I really didn't have anything to loose but the pain in my back.  At the time, I did not know I had Fibro.  I was told I had arthritis, but either way, I was in pain at a young age and I needed some relief.  The session worked rather well.  I could feel my muscles becoming warmer and they did start to relax.  I also remember sleeping quite well that particular evening too.  Sleep has always been a rarity for me.  I take what I can get whether it be restful or not.  …

Something in Denmark Perhaps????

As some of you know I've been the main caretaker for my Grandparents.  With this can come many responsibilities when you are dealing with two households and sometimes things get put on hold.  This blog, for instance, has suffered a bit in my absence and I want to apologize to my faithful fans. 

I try very hard to make at least one entry a month for Fibro and Fabulous because I believe that you, my dear readers, need fresh and up to date information on this beast that plagues our lives.  I also do it because I want you all to know that I care about each and every one of you and can truly understand what you go through. 

Unfortunately, I think you and I have been duped... 

My contest had been running fine and my first winner was very excited to get her autographed copy of one of my books.  But it appears that the second winner is not really a reader, it's a spammer.  I should have caught this, I know, but this person wound up hiding the spam in a comment that was geared towards…