True Balance and Fibromyalgia

I don't share too many books in this blog.  It's usually because I don't get much of a chance to read books that have words in them too often.  Little kids tend to find words pretty boring, you know.  But this book has me sneaking the flashlight into the bedroom because it's that good!

I'll admit that the subject matter is geared towards the New Age crowd because it deals with chakras, but this book is really great for Fibromyalgia sufferers.  It doesn't go into great detail about the history of chakras and it isn't filled with a bunch of meditative exercises that you need to do when you have a quiet moment.  I like to meditate-- don't get me wrong, however, I'd probably be old and gray if I waited for a quiet moment to practice any new form of meditation.

There is nothing wrong with meditation.  It's a great way to relax.  I've used it many times during my B.C. (Before Children) years.  I was able to keep my chakras in line and even fix weakened ones back then all through meditation.  The A.D. years (After Daughters) really don't lend me to meditate far beyond the contemplation of my name.  I don't get a lot of spare time to do much besides these posts so finding a book that is down-to-earth without all the new age tree hugging is very refreshing.

True Balance: A Commonsense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit by Sonia Choquette, PH.D. explains each region of the body and what it governs.  She then explains what you may or may not be lacking in that particular chakra.  There are questions to answer after each section making it easy for the common person to see if that particular body region is weak. 

Illnesses may also factor into a weak chakra, even a chronic one like Fibromyalgia.  For instance the root chakra or base chakra governs our bones, blood, immune system, colon, rectum, legs, and feet.  Fibromyalgia in some cases is considered an auto immune disease.  Having said that, it may mean one's first chakra is imbalanced and we can follow any of the suggestions listed once we go through a series of detailed questions geared towards seeing just how imbalanced our first chakra is. 

The questions are set up as yes, no, or sometimes, and are easy to answer.  Questions like, are you preoccupied with food, money, control? dawn the page at the end of each chapter.  The suggestions are also not only easy to follow but fun too.  One suggestion is go and get a monthly pedicure!  I never really thought about it before I read this book, but I always seemed to feel more calm and relaxed about life in the summer months.  That might have a lot to do with my home pedicures. 

You see, I, like a lot of other people (I hope) only think about my feet when it's sandal season.  During that time I go to the local Walmart and treat myself to a new nail polish color so I can paint my toes all summer long.  I really splurged this year and went with the french manicure because it was on clearance.  Yep, that's the cheap me talking-- no wonder my base chakra is low LOL!

Creative slumps, which are a symptom of a weak second chakra, have plagued me from time to time too.  I once had writer's block that lasted 10 years.  It lasted so long that I started using my laptop as a paper weight for my bills.  Sad, yes, but a reality for me.  My Sears retail job literally sucked the life out of me and it's no wonder that I used to have nightmares about the floor breaking apart underneath my feet, leading me to Hell.

I recently felt a slump because I felt trapped again due to lack of time.  It's unfortunate but sometimes our busy lives can suck the life out of us too.  I've been feeling a bit stressed because Brittanny is nearing the end of another school year and that means a lot of spring concerts, picnics, and fundraisers that we have to attend.  I normally take it in stride and try to tackle one event at a time but caring for two households is putting a damper on that stress free solution.  There are days when I'm driving back and forth at least 4 times a day and that translates to 2 hours in the car alone.  It can be a tough juggling act, but not impossible.

On those days I carve out some time right after dinner and take a 30 minute walk with the kids.  It's a great low impact exercise and I can do it even when my back is hurting from a long extended sitting period.  I also like to get a glimpse of the robins and the occasional ground hog that inhabit the densely wooded apartment complex with us.  Nature walks have always been a favorite past time of mine.

Another quick pick me up that Sonia suggests in the book is to buy some fresh cut flowers.  I actually did that the other day and you can see a picture of them here.

I can tell you that it's made a world of difference, or at least enough to manage 2 blog entries in one night.  I'll take it as an accomplishment none the less. 

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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