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Fatigue Not A Factor In Fibro Pain Study States

Stress-Proof Yourself for Less Flares

We all know that stress makes our fibro flares worse.  Frankly, stress can make anything worse.  According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of Americans suffer some type of symptom due to stress in any given month.  77% feel physical symptoms, while 73% experience psychological symptoms.  Money and work are the leading causes of stress and anxiety and almost half of Americans feel they are more stressed now than they have been in the past.  Statistically and logically speaking, stress is bad for us all if it's prolonged.'s latest issue explains that there are ways we can reduce our stress and live happier and healthier lives.  The major thing they stress (pardon the pun) is that we should all take a break and enjoy some pleasurable activities.

The article went into Harvard's recent survey of what makes us happy.  The highest ranking activity was sex (that's SO surprising LOL!).  Among the other top activities were exercising, talking, and doing…

My Gluten-Free Journey

Some of you may know that I'm prone to eczema skin flares.  They have been particularly bad for the past 5-6 years, especially on my hands.  It has been frustrating and at times down-right depressing to deal with because I had no idea where my flares were originating.

I read a book several years back called Eczema-Free For Life by Dr Adnan Nasir and Priscilla Burgess.  The book was good and suggested many things that I could do in order to help heal my rash.  This book was my last ditch effort to avoid getting yet another cream or cover-up for my problem because everything that I had tried over-the-counter and prescription-wise only worked for a short time.  I wanted answers beyond a magic pill and its empty promises. 

I diligently tried everything that was suggested in the book because I was desperate for relief.  Some of the suggestions were to add humidity to your home, wear all cotton clothing, get some sun, and use moisturizer with gloves at night.  I faithfully followed all …

Earth Day and Fibro and Fabulous

I wanted to share a lovely contest that is doing.  As you all know, I'm an avid gardener and anything that has to do with planting I'm ALL for!  I hope all of you can either participate in this great contest or help out an indie author who is.  The link to what the contest is all about can be found here:

I've entered Fibro and Fabulous The Book and it's being offered at 40% off.  A link to the book can be found here:

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Uplifting Story About Fiona

When all else fails

Life can take turns we are not willing to take.  It can be dark, lonely, or just plain depressing.  During these times a flare can present itself as depression and it's hard to cope.

What do I try to do?  I get lost in the 80's... music that is.  That music springs me back to a time that was whole for me.

What should you do?  Find that hole that fills you.  It could be your adolescence, your adult  life, or your childhood.  It could also be something completely different.  Just fill your hole and life will be bearable.

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