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What's Norwex and Why's It So Good For Fibro Sufferers?

FF : Hi Ali! First off, welcome to Fibro and Fabulous! Please let the readers know a little bit about yourself and your company Norwex. AB : Hi everyone! My name is Alison Buonome but you can call me Ali. I live in Vernon, CT and I am a busy mom to 5 year old twin boys. I have lots of messes to clean and love my Norwex products. I used to despise cleaning but Norwex makes it so easy and I don't have to worry about my family being exposed to chemicals! Norwex’s mission statement is “Safe, Effective, Sustainable”. Yep that’s it. Our commitment to a brighter future starts with our product mission. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice effectiveness or sustainability when you choose a safer product. So we won’t put the Norwex label on it unless it meets all three criteria. FF : What made you decide to get into the Norwex business? AB : As I said above, I am a mom to 5 year old twins boys. My boys were born premature at 33 weeks. I would put my kids to bed, go straight to th