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Death rates soar among women using prescription drugs

Though I can understand much of the sentiment of this article, I am also appalled that a doctor thinks of women so poorly. People with Fibromyalgia have been misunderstood enough, and for a doctor to allude to the fact that women "doctor shop" just to get drugs, is just plain disgusting. I'm also angry that he is quoted in saying "How do you do no harm?"

Yes, we as a society, ALL have to take responsibility in drug overdoses. It's an epidemic and something needs to be done. But I think it's COMPLETELY wrong for a doctor, a health insurance company, or a drug industry to assume that the blame is equal across the board between them and us as the consumer. Here's why:

The businesses we work for-- you know, the ones who pay us so we can pay our medical bills-- "shop" for health insurance. They don't want to pay a lot. They want to make money. I can't blame them. But when they "shop", it forces us to "shop" for a new…

Sad Cat Diary

I know this video is a little off topic, well okay, it's A LOT off topic, but I thought you could use a little laugh. Not all of you may be cat lovers, but even if you know just a little about cats, or the expressions they give off from time to time, you will get this and hopefully laugh.

Sometimes with this illness, I tend to get too serious for my own good. In a sense, I ketch myself. My OCD used to be about cleaning, but now I find that I will obsess about eating perfect, thinking perfect, or exercising perfect so I feel okay. And honestly, that's not how I should be. That kind of thinking will eventually get me into the same trouble I had BD (Before Diagnosis).

So please, have a laugh, remember what it's like to just feel. We OCD people forget to do that because we are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS trying to strive for perfection.

Oh, and dog lovers, I haven't forgotten about you. How can I? Sport is just as much a part of my life as Onyx! I'll post a "Sad Dog D…

Study Shows Links of Childhood Pain to Adult Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

Study Shows Links of Childhood Pain to Adult Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia
This study just confirms what I've known all along. I've had Fibro since birth.

What I'm Thankful For This Holiday Season

It's been a while since my last post and I apologize for that.  National Novel Writing Month got the best of me during the month of November and when I mean the best, I mean the best.  I was determined to write 50,000 words this year.  Very determined. 

Why?  Well, I lost four years in a row.  I didn't make 50,000 words.  I wrote.  And I have many, many started stories.  But none of them were finished.

This year?  I hit 50,000!  YAY!!!  But it wasn't easy.  It hasn't been for the past 5 years because something always happens.  Within the past 5 years someone, or a pet(s), has died.  Yup.  Every November and that has always made me stop. 

November used to be my Uncle's favorite holiday.  He liked it because it wasn't ridden with commercialism.  And even though this may sound bias because I loved my Uncle John greatly, God rest his soul, I like Thanksgiving for the same reason.

But, November tends to be the time that people leave this plane.  Maybe because they h…

Researcher Blames Food Allergies on Chemical Sensitivities

FWOTW Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom

Pleasure, pain brain signals disrupted in fibromyalgia patients

Forever Friends Book Trailer

This is a bit off topic as far as Fibromyalgia is concerned, but I thought I'd share my trailer tease for my up coming book entitled Forever Friends.

Fibromyalgia Might Be Harder on Younger Patients

Fibromyalgia solved; A pathology, not in the mind

Fibromyalgia and the Workplace

Having a great work ethic is a wonderful trait to have.  It makes you a great asset to the company and can even lead to better promotions and pay.  But just how much is too much of a good thing?  Especially when one has Fibro?

Before diagnosis, I used to be a workaholic and spend every waking moment at my job.  And sometimes those moments were sleeping ones for my boss.  Yup, I used to be asked to stay over-night so I could get things done.  This was especially true during the Christmas set-up season.  I stayed and really didn't complain.  Why?  Well, for the same reason that most have, I was afraid of getting fired or being looked over for a promotion.

These hours didn't bother me so much in the beginning.  In fact, I used to pride myself into thinking that I could do more than the average person since I didn't require as much sleep.  But after about 9 months of only sleeping 2-4 hours a night, my body get ticked off.  What can I say?  I was young, fresh out of college, a…

Obituary: Dawn A. Marcus / Area neurologist devoted to helping people manage pain

I thought I'd share this to let everyone know about this wonderful neurologist that dedicated her life to helping people in pain.  She helped many, including people with Fibromyalgia.

Stay fabulous!
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The Art of Housekeeping While Having Fibromyalgia

Housekeeping, or rather, clearing/picking up the clutter is a very daunting task for the healthy, but it's about 50 times worse when you have to do it with a disability.  Seeing everything in disarray can, at least in my case, cause Fibro Fog, flares, and even panic attacks.

Before my diagnoses I was a neat freak and could probably keep up with Adrian Monk.  I was obsessed with things being orderly, because frankly, it just made my life much easier.  I didn't have to wonder where the kids' mittens were because they had a place, just like the flatware does in the kitchen.  But over the years I've had to let go of things because of my illness.  It was hard.  I used to have a Vulcan Death Grip over the house.  I've gotten a little better, but not much.

Housekeeping is such a touchy subject with us Fibromites because we NEVER want to be compared to someone who is dirty or lazy since we are neither of these kinds of people.  We have this notion in our heads that our place…

Falling with Fibro

I must admit, this is not a topic I really wanted to discuss.  I get embarrassed about it because I feel I should be more careful, and yet, it happens.  I am a danger prone person.  I sprain, strain, and bruise myself quite easily.

The falling is probably the worst because I tend to trip over my own two feet.  I fall down the stairs.  I fall on ice.  I loose balance and can even trip while walking on level ground.  I have sprained everyone of my fingers by doing various tasks or sports.  I've thrown out my back and hamstring dancing and in gymnastics.  I've even sprained a toe and given myself a black eye at work.

Why?  I think I'm a klutz due to my Fibromyalgia.  I get tired and when my muscles feel weak, or I'm in a Fibro Fog, things happen.  I've been danger prone all of my life which is why I believe that I've had Fibromyalgia all of my life and why I truly believe it is a disease and not a syndrome.  I believe the disease does become progressively worse as…

Cindy Stewart Author of Your Fibromyalgia Diet: Eating Your Way to Better Health


Surprising Signs of Gluten Intolerance

I Forgot, I'm Sorry: The Fibro Fogged Brain

I must admit, I was all set to give you a post on caring for children while having Fibromyalgia.  The wheels have been churning all day for the post, but those thoughts will have to come another day because I something else just grabbed my attention, my Fibro Fogged Brain.

Fog is something that I'm so used to that I almost forget it's there-- AND YES!-- that pun is COMPLETELY intended!

I'm a lot like the rest of society.  I forget phone numbers because I have my phone.  I even forget important dates because I diligently put them in my phone to forget.  But the thing that irritates me the most is when I forget to connect with the people I care about. 

There are times when you will see me on Facebook "liking" what seems like hundreds of comments.  I may spend some time in a forum and comment a few dozen times in one day.  You also might find me responding to emails, or blog comments in a large number too.  Why?  Well, the answer is simple.

I forgot.  I forgot that …

New App Can Help You Predict Weather Related Flares

I have not personally had the chance to look into this phone app so I'm not very sure on its pricing.  I will check it out soon and let you know what I think, but it sure looks fascinating!  FINALLY someone gets that our aliments can be linked to the weather and that's, well, PRICELESS!

Stay fabulous!
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Sausage Stuffed Peaches Over a Bed of Onions and Rice

I have to admit that this recipe is one of my left over creations.  I had a 3 small pork chops and some rice with onions (Mashkoul) left over from yesterday and I needed to combine it with something new.  Call me a true Italian-- I hate to waste food!  My pork chops had a Dove Chocolate Spiced Rub on them which gives this dish a nice spice to it.  But brown sugar with some nutmeg and cinnamon would also go nicely!  The rice is a great recipe all on it's own and you can find it here:

Now for my creation which serves 5:


10 ripe peaches pitted and skin removed
2 cups prepared rice with onion (mashkoul) minus the baking time in recipe
1 pound of sweet chicken sausage (I used Alfresco)
3 small cooked boneless pork chops (mine had a Dove Chocolate Spiced Rub)
3 eggs
3/4 cup of bread crumbs
1/4 of grated Parmesan cheese
1-2 cups of water


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Cut up peaches and remove pits and skin. …