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9 Tips to Reduce Fibro Symptoms

Lifescript introduces a new health center for fibro sufferers

When You and Your Child Have Fibromyalgia

It's a topic I really hoped that I never had to discuss because the initial research stated that children of Fibro sufferers would not inherit the gene.  It wasn't supposed to happen, but sadly, it has.  Children of parents who suffer from Fibromyalgia are more likely to develop it than the rest of the population. 

Now, as a side note, and FORGIVE ME for going off on a tangent-- but, if my kids can inherit this beast of a gene, let's do the ENTIRE Fibro community a favor and start calling FM a disease and NOT a syndrome because in the loosest sense possible-- if it can be spread-- it's a DISEASE!  Having said that, I will now step nonchalantly off my soap box and continue with the task at hand...

Juvenile Fibromyalgia has not been studied heavily in the US, though there are cases here.  A child usually develops symptoms in their tweens to early teens.  Symptoms include wide-spread muscle fatigue and pain in 5-11 of the classic trigger points that adults have.  Children…

Fibromyalgia and Fashion

There's an old saying that states we are slaves to fashion.  And if you have Fibromyalgia and try to keep up with the latest trends, you might wind up feeling just as weak and weary as one!

Each generation has their fashion favorites and faux pas and some of us older gals have the proof of it on film.  YIKES!!!!  I grew up during a period where hair defied all the laws of gravity, woman's shoes could look good AND kill roaches at the same time, and pants were so baggy that it looked like you had a third leg growing.  Ah, the 80's, such a fond time for working hard and playing hard, but that grueling fast-paced life of fashion don'ts made my body want to scream!

Small one inch heels were nice in the 80's but the shoes coming to a roach zapping point were not.  My dogs were not barking-- they were whimpering when I let them out of their misery at night.  I was thankful when the 90's arrived because I could liberate my piggies and burn those tortuous shoes!  The 9…

One's Fear of Panic

This blog posting for today may sound a little off topic due to what I'm facing recently.  However, I can assure you that every Fibromite deals with health issues that seem unrelated to Fibromyalgia.  The sad part is, they really aren't and the more you know about what's going on inside you, the better you will be to handle flares.  Having said that-- here's the post:

The thought of leaving the comfort of my own home has been a challenge for me since my Fibromyalgia diagnoses.  I honestly hated going anywhere.  It wasn't until my loving but ever so persistently annoying best friend forced me out of my house that I started to realize I might have a problem.  I lived in fear of people giving me strange looks as I limped by them.  Some have even been nasty when I just simply couldn't move fast enough out of their way.

I remember a time in my life where I was the one passing out every slow-paced walker in the mall.  I used to power-walk on my work days during break…

GIA Announces a New Release Given the Increase in Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Rates

Can Eating Chicken Give You a Bladder Infection?

Though this article is not specifically linking Fibromyalgia to the superbug,  it's still an interesting read.  I've always said you are what you eat and that everything in moderation is fine but if what are consuming a constant strain of antibiotics in our meats, water, and probably veggies (for all we know), we are bound to get immune to life-saving drugs.

I'd love to say that you get what you pay for, but I know that isn't always the case.  Yes, we should all eat organic food, or what I like to call, real food.  In the same token, however we should also want to know where that food actually comes from.  Taking trips to your local farms for milk, eggs, and veggies isn't such a bad idea-- especially after reading this.

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What You Need to Know About Fibromyalgia from Fox News

Book Give Away Contest

Want to try and win a copy of Fibro and Fabulous The Book?  I'm giving away 4 autographed copies with a quiz contest!  The contest is open to participants in the US only at the moment, but I hope to expand it for other countries soon!  Check out the contest by clicking here:

Train Your Own Dog as a Service Dog

Having a dog around can help when you need a little assistance on your bad flare days.  I have a Cocker Spaniel and he's been relatively easy to train for the regular things like sit, stay, and down.  I've even gotten him to put his toys away!  Wish the kids were that easy!

Training a dog can be challenging, though.  Especially if you are a new owner.  Sport is our first dog and there were times that it was hard to walk him because it took some time to leash train him.  He may be only 25 pounds, but that weight can work against me on my bad days.

However, there are some pluses to training your own dog to perform as a service dog.  The site below is a good start.

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Fibro and Home Improvements

Doing laundry and the dishes are one thing, but home improvement is something completely different when it comes to Fibromyalgia.  It's easy to know your limits when folding the laundry, but how about peeling off wallpaper or trying your hand at landscaping by digging holes for flower beds or apple trees?

I've often utilized the famous phrase, Roman wasn't built in a day when it comes to home improvements, and I may sound like a broken record, but it's worth repeating over and over again until you get so sick of hearing it, it becomes you mantra.

Who ever told you that you had to take down every square inch of wallpaper in your hallway that's attached to your living AND dining room in one day?  Was it those Weekend Warriors over at HGTV?

Come on now!  Even THEY have made mistakes that's what editing room floors are for!  Look, you don't have to be a hero, just be a warrior that paces yourself and have a winning attitude.  If it takes you all summer to peel …

Fibromyalgia, Stress, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks-- OH MY!

My first panic attack came on quickly and awoke me from a deep sleep a few years back.  I experienced tunnel vision, paranoia, I felt like my skin was crawling, I couldn't breath, and I was having chest pains.  I was terrified and confused.  It was late at night, but I called a friend in a different time zone and she helped me through my attack.

It had been quite some time since I had felt that way and I thought my days of feeling scared and alone were gone, until today.  I've had an attack that has lasted all morning and it's now taking up a huge chunk of my afternoon.  Researching has helped a bit because I now know that about half of the Fibro patients out there suffer from panic attacks.

These attacks can be sudden and you may experience nausea, diarrhea, choking sensations, shortness of breath, tingling, headaches, paranoia, claustrophobia, tunnel vision, overwhelming fears, confusion, and even agoraphobia depending upon how much your mind races during the attacks.  I…

Fibromyalgia is Real #fibroisreal


Flares, Fear, and Quality of Life

As I was lying in bed this evening, awakened at 2 am by my stress that has been an absolute constant for the past several months, a fear started to creep in me.  It's a fear I've had before so it's not new to me.  It reared its ugly head way back in the beginning when I was first diagnosed.

I used to feverishly read up on every article, journal, and book produced by anyone whose name ended in DR in the beginning of diagnoses.  I wanted to take refuge in the information and have it comfort me like a security blanket.  I thought this way for a while until my security fell prey to one phrase, "Fibromyalgia seems to get worse with age."  It was a phrase I heard from a doctor that was treating me and that statement has haunted me for many years. 

I've tried to be comical about it and compare that statement with one made on the Golden Girls.  There was one episode where Blanche was talking about how she first found out about her period.

Her mother asked her daily …

Your Faith and Fibromyalgia

It's something that I've never talked about.  Why?  I have ALWAYS felt I should NEVER have a say as to what an individual believes.  I'm not an ordained priest or priestess.  I believe in God-- don't get me wrong, but I'm not a preacher when it comes to my fans.

Personally I do teach religious ed on the side but a lot of that has to do with my strong connection with the people in my church and community.  I DON'T teach my own kids.  I pay for them to be taught.  I do this on my own.

So... having said that this blog post will be about your religious stance-- if you have one.  I know there are some people that have no religion and they pull through their pain as they can by believing in themselves.  It's great that they can.

For those that can't, look to your God, the one that drives you for support.  Yes, Church can be a good thing.  There might be people there that know what you are going through.  I know it's hard to open up.  I've had my HUGE …