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The Two R's

When people hear the term R and R they tend to think about rest and relaxation.  These are two words that generally don't come across my normal work week-- or even my vocabulary-- to be honest.  I don't like to rest because it gets me stiff and relaxing seems to be more stressful than it's worth at times with 2 young kids, a husband, and ill relatives. I'm sure all of you have come across a vacation or two that you took, but wished you didn't because the work load at work (or at home) was twice as much when you went back.  I have felt that on more than one occasion when I was working a manager's position at a popular retail store chain.  When I got back, I felt guilty about leaving, feared for my job, and over compensated by trying to finish all the stuff that was "left" for me to take care of.  My "to-do" list was huge the first few days back and I worked like a crazy woman to get things done.  This, of course, was not good for me or my

DIY: Herbal Cough Drops

DIY: Herbal Cough Drops I am not a fan of any store bought cough drop remedies that contain artificial colors or dyes. I managed to eliminate all artificial colors and flavors from my regular diet, but when it came to being sick, I felt helpless because there was not many good choices out there. This recipe is made with all natural ingredients, something I appreciate, and this is definitely something I'll be doing in the future! I thought I'd pass this information along to all of you too. Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley

Courting the Cranberry

Courting the Cranberry This article about cranberries helping with cholesterol may also help people who suffer with Fibro. It has been thought that Fibro sufferers and Chronic Fatigue sufferers are deficient in B vitamins, hence, some of them receive B shots from their doctor. Cranberry juice (or extract) has been shown to help with the absorption of B12, a vitamin required by the body for normal neurological function. Since fibro sufferers do not have normal neurological function, B12 is considered the culprit in some health care circles. The article states that you can either take a supplement or drink the juice (3 glasses) to achieve the benefits. Now, I'm not stating that I believe whole-heartedly that a lack of B vitamins are the know all and be all of our Fibro problems. In fact, I think Fibro stems from a number of factors. But, vitamins can help. With this kind of good news, I think I'll be drinking it more often! Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberle

Caregivers deserve a PAT

I've had the topic of caregivers on the brain a lot lately because of my Mother, Grandmother, and Grandfather.  It's hard to envision such lovely, vibrant ,people, ill, and yet, it's a reality that most of us will face.  They are not the only ones in the family that are ill, there are a few other members that are dealing with cancer and one member just recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor.  However, all and all, everyone seems to be okay.  Illness is a part of life and we all have to deal with it at some point in our lives.  Some of us will beat it and some of us will have to learn to live with it for the rest of our lives.  Cancer, Alzheimer's, and tumors are something that can be devastating to the patient because these illnesses are long and will involve a lot of doctors and hospital stays.  There's also the possibility of death with these illnesses which makes it difficult on the sufferer and the family, it's not fun... But I don't want you all