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The Trust Factor

I know I had a prior blog in November that talked about Family, Friends, and Flares and how it is okay to get mad when you are sick so you don't burden the people around you.  It's a good feeling to have sometimes, but we as human beings also need to find a balance between doing things for ourselves, and asking for help when we need it.

Help can come when you least expect it and sometimes that help can be overwhelming, even stressful.  I'm sure a lot of you remember my post called Please Be Kind... Rewind.  It's a post about how my man does the laundry and how that kind of help can be stressful on me and my clothes LOL!  During flares, we need help.  It may not be the exact kind of help that we are looking for, but it is help none the less.

As you all know, my Grandma fractured her back and I've been going over to help her and my Grandfather out.  Grandpa can be a little stubborn when it comes to receiving help due to his Alzheimer's.  He does not like anyone w…

Just Thought All of You Should Know...

I just wanted all of you to know that we are only 7 comments away from another winner of an autographed book!  Now, since I have published another book, I will let this next winner decide which book they would like as their prize!

Keep commenting and keep thinking about which book you'd like as your prize.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


The Quest for the Perfect Pillow

I must admit that I don't think about bedding, pillows, or mattresses very often.  It's kind of sad actually, because I used to sell all of those products when I worked for a famous retail chain.  The training was pretty intense.  We used to take countless numbers of quizzes and tests and sometimes we would have to go off site for all day training.

Out of every product I've ever sold, I'd have to say that selling mattresses is the hardest.  Believe me, I've sold almost everything you can think of from hardware to clothing.  I went from being a "Bob Vila", selling tools and paint, to an "Al Bundy" selling shoes.

Mattresses are a tough sell because most people don't give them a second thought.  They want something that's firm and something that is cheap, why?  Because that's what they slept on when they were a kid and it worked out well then, so why not now.  It's a hard thing to overcome, and yet, people should because one third of …

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