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World Wide Spread Pain

As some of you know, I'm in the process of finalizing a new book that will hopefully hit the market by the end of this year, or very early next.  The book is a spin off of this blog and discusses topics about the disease, hope to cope, and also offers my tips, tricks, and rather strong opinions of big business and the healthy people of society.  I even get into politics with this book, a subject that I try to never discuss here.  It's been fun to write because I really got a chance to let my hair down with this one, so I hope all of you will like it. I'm getting most of my material from recent news articles found on the web.  Some of the stories are interesting, some of them are a repeat of what we fibromites already know, and some of them are just too shocking to even believe.  I found one article so shocking, that I just have to make it the topic for today.  The numbers in this survey are really big.  This topic will appear in the book, but I feel it needs to be here i

Sleep Deeply, Live Longer

This is most definitely one of the better articles I've read for sleep advice. I thought I'd share it because I have actually tried this technique and it works beautifully. For the past two months, I've woken up about 2 minutes before my alarm goes off-- every day--even weekends! This is something I haven't done in years! Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley Sleep Deeply, Live Longer

Fibromyalgia and the Workplace

I came across a rather interesting article today while perusing the net.  It was an article about working with a chronic condition.  I was intrigued by what this writer had to say because I'm always willing to hear new tips and tricks.  It never hurts to listen to others because it just might work for you-- you know? For those that have read my book The Fibro Hand , get ready to hear me repeat myself.  For those that haven't, I had to leave a career that I had for 18 years due to my Fibromyalgia.  My career was in retail management and I worked for a very old and well known company.  In fact, about 1 out of every 2 of you that read this blog probably purchased an appliance from this well known company.  I worked for Sears.  Most of my career was in the Home Improvement and Home Appliance departments, although, I worked almost every other department in between for 12 years.  I liked my job because I really enjoyed helping people.  Some would even keep me smiling all day, and

Colony Collapse: Are Potent Pesticides Killing Honeybees?

I'm not a fan of any kind of bug. I don't like them, but I take exception to the honey bee and butterflies. They are not pests. It's devastating to think that the chemicals people are using to kill one pesky bug is killing off another that is vital to our society. The honey bee pollinates our crops-- we need him. What's worse is that some people honestly think they are not doing harm to the human population when they use "new and improved" chemicals. They tend to think that the formula is the same as it always was and that is so far from the truth. Big business is killing us off bit by bit in the name of the almighty dollar. They are making products cheaper by using synthetic chemicals in place of the real thing. That would be fine if the chemical wasn't harmful, but chemicals are harmful. I am a huge fan of doing things the old fashioned way. Chemicals are just making our lives worse. They are making us a sick society with Rheumatic diseas

An Interview With Author KimberleyLB

I received an invitation for an interview from a website last night.  A lot of the questions had me thinking and it was great to put my thinking cap on for a bit.  I had such a blast doing it.  Many of the questions asked had to do with all of you, my readers, and I thought that you all might be interested in seeing the interview. I also discuss a new book that will be available in print form and ebook.  The book is based on this very blog and will be formatted as such.  You will see my trademark Stay Fabulous ending in each post.  I have added my favorite posts to the book, as well as, a ton of new stuff.  The book will have a lot of surprises in it and you can read more about it in the interview.  A link to the interview will be placed at the bottom of this post. WhoHub Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley