Life Interrupted | It's Not All About Me...

I met Chris recently at a social book marketing network on the net and became instantly intrigued by his message. He does not have Fibromyalgia, however, he understands what can happen in a marriage when one has a chronic illness. Chris has MS and it unfortunately destroyed his first marriage. He, like all sufferers at one point in the life of their disease, took on the poor me outlook. This outlook usually does not bode well for relationships. In fact, it usually makes them short-lived. That was the case for Chris.

Since then, Mr. Tatevosian has written a book about relationships and chronic illness entitled Life Interrupted, It's Not All About Me. He also does motivational speaking events around the Mass area and even hosts his own radio show called Winning Life Through Pain. All are geared towards relationships and chronic illness.

Chris's message really hits home for all chronic sufferers, including fibromites. I encourage you all to take a look at his site. He is a wonderful person to talk to, is very giving of his time, and is really upbeat.

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