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Herbal Medicine and Fibromyalgia

Today's guest post comes from Patricia Bratianu. Patrica is a nurse and a registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. She has a Ph.D. in natural health and is passionate about helping people find health care options that work for them. For another one of Patricia's articles, please visit: The Best Herbs for Anxiety and Stress Relief As if the everyday stresses of living with a chronic health condition like fibromyalgia aren’t enough, chronic pain depletes your body of endorphins, the natural compounds that relieve stress, pain, and depression. Stress and anxiety have a direct impact on pain levels, and so the cycle goes around and around. Fibromyalgia, anxiety and stress may go hand-in-hand, but you can fight back with herbs — the safe, reliable, natural option for relief of stress and anxiety. Why Use Herbs? Herbal medicine

Places That Will Not Sell GMO Salmon

Forever Tied from Santa's Naughty List


Looking for a Free Read this Holiday?

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Fibromyalgia: A Guide to Prepare, Be Heard and Get Results Book Review

Fibromyalgia: A Guide to Prepare, Be Heard and Get Results by Robert J. Langone My rating: 5 of 5 stars I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. This is a very informative and fascinating book! The research is very extensive. This book is a good read for Fibro sufferers, but because there is a lot of information, I do suggest reading it on days when you have less Fibro Fog. I was in a flare for quite some time and there were foggy days that prevented me from reading. Other than that-- it was great! View all my reviews

Santa's Naughty List: 25 Tales of Paranormal Bad Boys Christmas Book Release

25 Amazing Authors, 25 Paranormal Tales! Santa's Naughty List: 25 Tales of Paranormal Bad Boys Christmas is Available for pre-sale now. Release Date is November 22, 2015. Proceeds from this 99 cents boxed set will go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital for the holiday season. Teaser from Forever Tied by yours truly, Amanda KimberleyLB! Stay fabulous! Kimberley

New Coding for Fibromyalgia

Nima- A Portable Gluten Tester

There will be a new product out this fall that I think will help many fibro sufferers who are trying to avoid wheat/gluten due to food sensitivities. Nima is a company who is passionate about people enjoying food and that is why they are in the process of developing a purse-sized machine that can detect gluten in a food of 20 parts per million or more. This device should be out this fall! Development of similar devices for peanut and milk sensitivities/allergies are also in development. Below is their website for more information. You can also sign up for their newsletter for information on pricing and release date information. Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley

What Chronic Pain is Doing to America

I came across an article very earlier this morning from the Huffington Post stating that 25 million people suffer from some type of chronic pain in the United States. These types include, but are not limited to, lower back pain, fibromyalgia, and even cancers. To this blogger, these numbers of sufferers have become alarmingly high and very little has been done to cure many of these diseases and conditions. Offering only pain medications to this growing number of people is not a solution. Many of these sufferers are not only dealing with constant pain but are also more susceptible to depression. Depression in and of itself is a horrible condition that causes its own aches and pains, difficulty with sleep, feelings of hopelessness, and difficulty with concentration. However, certain chronic conditions like fibromyalgia will give you a double dose of the same types of symptoms. What is not helping these sufferers is that society is taking a blind eye to the issue by making it more and

Fibro and Family Stress

Most of you know that I have been taking care of my grandparents and mom because of their illnesses and elderly needs. What you may not know is that my grandmother has passed. She was 94. This post will not be like my regular posts because I'm still dealing with a lot of stress so I will be streaming my emotions in this piece. It has taken me some time to write about this because I've been an emotional mess, and unfortunately due to my OCD, I like to keep my mess nice and tidy-- especially when it comes to death. Death has always been a taboo subject with me. I had a friend in high school die while I was entering my Senior Year. And during that year I also had a Great Grandma and Grandma die, too. I became very humbled at that point in my life because I took the sympathy that people could offer me. Granted it wasn't much because the grown ups in my life thought I shouldn't be hurt or upset since I was young-- OR-- they thought I should be strong for someone else b

FM Aware July Edition

They liked the article! They LIKED the article! YAY!!!! My article with the working title, "Top 10 Reasons Fibro Sufferers Should Have Sex", will appear in the July addition of FM AWARE. This magazine is put out by the National Fibromyalgia Association​. Stay fabulous! Love and friendship, Kimberley

Need Some Time

I have had a death in the family and have chosen to take some time off from public social media posts. I just need a little time and will be back shortly.

The Dust is Starting to Fly Again

Last year I came to the conclusion that this website needed a major change because it was getting rather large and too cumbersome for readers to navigate. I had decided to move things into categories so it is easier for you to look around at specific things. When I started this last year I thought I could accomplish it by the end of last summer, but my author website crashed and I had spent all of my time revamping that one. This one kind of fell to the wayside because it was at least up and running. Now that summer is fast approaching again, I HOPE to finish what I started and move postings to specific pages. I have done a little today thank goodness! So for those returning, all my postings from the past year are now organized into page categories that you will see up at the top. Each entry will have the corresponding date of when it was first posted on the website. I will still continue to post the latest entries as I always have-- this is a blog after all LOL! BUT I will then

Living with Fibromyalgia: Tips & Coping Strategies 05/12 by Empowering Family Caregivers | Health Podcasts

Living with Fibromyalgia: Tips & Coping Strategies 05/12 by Empowering Family Caregivers | Health Podcasts



Happy, Calm, Focused

Fibro and Fabulous was given a brain supplement called HCF (Happy, Calm, and Focused) in exchange for an honest review a few weeks back. The HCF bottle is a one month supply containing 90 pills. The supplement contains vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, B5, Folic Acid, Biotin, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, and Amino Acids, all of which are helpful for Fibro sufferers. The direction are quite similar to other mood supplements like Sam-e and suggest you take it 30 minutes before a meal for the best absorption. You can take all three pills at once or space them out. I happen to like this product. It definitely does what it says and helps you to stay happy, calm, and focused. I noticed a change right away, but that may be because I was in a flare when I started the supplement. Lately, I have been suffering from anxiety and depression with this flare and I noticed an almost instant change in my mood that even lasted if I forgot to take them one day. I also personally tri

The NEW! Fibromyalgia Aware

Guess who's going to be writing an article for this magazine? Hopefully it will publish? Fingers crossed people!

Thoughts on Housework and Fibromyalgia

I've given housework a lot of thought over the years. When I was in my twenties, I used to feel guilty in the wee hours of the morning about not getting the entire house clean daily. It would keep me up until I'd finally break down at 4 AM and I'd start to dust and vacuum. Seriously-- no joke!  In my thirties I thought I got things down to a science. I was home all day and I'd clean like a mad woman until my husband came home. Of course, I'd still feel guilty that not everything got done and I vowed to get up at 5 AM every morning to at least start a load of laundry and clean the dishes from all the midnight snacking. I reserved my urge to vacuum until 9 AM because at that time we were in an condo-like apartment complex and I didn't want to wake the family below me. I learned from the days of the high rise apartment in my twenties. ;)  Today though in my forties, and now having a decade of fibro experiences, I think MUCH differently. A clean house is a grou

Review of Suffered Long Enough

Suffered Long Enough: A physician's journey of overcoming Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, & Lyme by William Rawls My rating: 5 of 5 stars I was given a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review. This book is absolutely fascinating! I have learned many new aspects about fibromyalgia that I did not know before hand, one being Lyme. I had wondered about it, especially living in Connecticut, and this book has filled in a lot of the gaps that I had come across with reading clinical trials about Lyme. I've read many, many books, journals, and news articles about fibromyalgia, but I must say that this book is one of the best ones I've come across in a long while. The language is clear and easy to read. There are medical terms, but they are explained in simple language which makes it easy on even the fibro-fogged reader. I highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from this disease. View all my reviews

Exciting News! Featured Book #ForeverBound!

Exciting News! The manuscript #FOREVERBOUND, which is the prequel to #ForeverFriends, is featured in Book Country's Waiting to Be Discovered section! I feel truly honored that the Penguin group chose me! Only the first four chapters are up but you can go to the link here: Stay tuned for future updates!