The Power of Word Persuation

Classic rock music is a favorite of mine and I tend to listen to a station from Springfield Mass called Rock 102 on the way to Grandma's every morning.  In between sets of Areosmith and The Stones, I heard a commercial for something I thought was rather obscure.  It was an add for hypnosis.

Now, being the cynical consumer that I am, I normally chalk ads up as a form of selling propaganda.  However, I'm also a bit optimistic and will generally listen with an open mind if the ad is something worth while.  This particular ad was pretty straight forward and talked about using hypnosis to aid in loosing weight and quitting smoking-- something I normally hear for hypnosis, but then it went into aiding in chronic pain.

Chronic pain?  Could it be possible that something that was once used as a pallor trick to get people to cluck like chickens really help with chronic pain?  The answer is yes, it can according to magazines like Psychology Today.

A particular article published in October of 2008 discusses the power of suggestion.  It explains that some doctors and patients have been lead to believe that only expensive medication pushed onto them by drug companies are the know all and be all cure for your aliments.  Jacob Teitelbaum MD, the author of the article goes further into explaining that what doctors seem to think of as science in an article or convention is really just nothing more than a drug company's infomercial.  I'd have to say that I agree with him after seeing more and more drug representatives at the doctor's office over the past few years. 

Teitelbaum also makes another interesting point about the power of suggestion in that if a doctor says things like "no one can get you well", your subconscious just might start to believe it.  It's disheartening enough that most doctors until recently thought Fibromyalgia was nothing more than a made up pain in the mind of the afflicted.  But when a doctor who supposedly took a medical oath, uses negative comments against an already disheartened individual because he/she can't see past a drug price tag, it's just disgusting.

I know not every doctor is brain washed by drug companies, but lately while in the waiting room, it has seemed like they are.  There are holistic doctors making their mark in the medical community and this helps with the changing idea that medicines are not the magic bullet people need. 

I've yet to go to a holistic doctor myself, but I just might have to in order to check out hypnosis.  Even before I do that, however, I may check out this site that has self hypnosis downloads for an extremely reasonable price.  If something like this works, why go to a doctor for a $170 supply of Tremodol?  $13 is a heck of a lot cheaper, in fact, that's even less than the now grossly over-priced ($30/ month) herbal supplement sam-E. 

Oh listen to silly old me, I sound like a commercial!  Let me set the record straight-- I'm NOT endorsing the site, I just think it's worth looking into if you fell hypnosis is right for you.  Hypnosis is something that most people can do, in fact, some of us do it every day while driving in our cars (a scary thought I know, but would explain A LOT LOL!).  If you've ever driven somewhere and you can't remember the drive, you were probably hypnotized.  Hypnosis, though, is not for everyone.  Some people can't be hypnotized and that is something you can find out during a consultation. 

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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