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New Study in Canada on Tonix

Illegal Marijuana Usage Among Fibro Patients

All Natural and the Bad Rap

I've always been a naturalist.  A purist, rustic, a farm-girl if you will.  I like the simple life because it's so rich with culture, family, and tradition.  The simple life can be anything you do for yourself, be that cooking from scratch, canning, crocheting, sewing, knitting, yoga, or gardening-- just to name a few.  I call this way of life therapy for my aliments because it truly is therapy.

Living a simple life reaps rich rewards of less stress, close knit family ties and tradition, self-reliance, and a feeling of accomplishment.  Going all natural is not easy.  Some people will give you resistance because they seem to think that the term natural comes inside of a box.  Yes, one that lives natural will go to health food stores and will also purchase (or grow) natural remedies for aliments, BUT (and this is a big BUT) natural doesn't stop there.

As many of you know I suffer from a skin condition called eczema along with Fibromyalgia.  I've had a nasty flare that ha…

Red Quinoa and Garbanzo Bean Salad

Going Gluten-Free has not been easy.  Wheat seems to be hidden in everything today.  I wouldn't wish this task on anyone.  My radar in knowing that I've eaten an inferior food is my eczema and that will itch within 15 minutes of eating foods containing Gluten.  I'm lucky in that respect, however when it comes to summer socializing around a grill, I'm not.

Most foods that one thinks of during the summer contain some type of wheat.  Your hot dog buns, hamburger buns, pasta salads, hot pasta dishes, and many finger food appetizers.  I had recently attended a cookout and was glad to see that there were Gluten-free options for people like me, but that usually isn't the case.  I've made it a mission this summer to post some Gluten-Free recipes that are tasty alternatives to their wheat-filled counterparts.   

The first one is an alternative to pasta salad.  This is tastes as close to an Italian Pasta Salad you can get without the pasta!  Even my 91 year old, strai…

Fibromyalgia Treatment During Pregnancy

Growing Fibro Flare-Free Health

One of the easiest ways to ensure having pain-free as possible days is to grow your own food. Gardens, like raised bed ones, make things easier on the Fibromite. You don't have to exhaust your energy tilling.  You just have to go to Home Depot for packaged soil.Growing healthy organic foods aren't hard either with a raised bed. The cedar wood will keep bugs out and so will some of the plants. Some herbs are natural bug deterrents. For instance, thyme will drive mosquitoes away and lavender works great for spiders.Vertical gardening is also another option with raised beds. Cucumbers and squash can be placed on small lattices to make room for you tomatoes for example.There are many options with gardening and there's also a lot of tips. I'll make sure to add more posts as the summer continues so you can see my garden grow.Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,Kimberley

Pregnancy, Child Rearing, and Fibromyalgia

Pregnancy is a big step for anyone who wants to become a parent.  There are a lot of factors that go into raising a family.  There's the financial aspect of being able to provide a healthy home, food, and suitable clothing, as well as, a good education.  Another thought is lifestyle changes-- how will you cope with a new demanding schedule in the house?  Will the both mommy and daddy be a constant in baby's life, or is there one parent that needs to be more of a part-time parent due to family or work circumstances?  All of these are valid questions to raise before pregnancy but when you add an illness to the mix-- there may be more.

Fibromyalgia causes a lot of stress in one's life and thinking about adding a family to the mix could make your head spin, but it doesn't have to.  I'm living proof that it is possible to have a family and have Fibromyalgia.  For those that don't know, I have two beautiful daughters who's ages are 11 and 4.  And for those that d…