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Studies and Links

Those of you that faithfully read my blog know that I don't place a lot of weight in studies.  I find that most prove very little when it comes to theory because the test is done either on a small amount of people or their factors are just too vague. 

I just recently came across this case study ( that, pardon the pun, bases too much weight in its theory.  The study is supposed to link obesity to the severity of Fibromyalgia symptoms.  It had 888 participants, a good size for a study of this magnitude (again-- pardon the pun), but I don't find any controls-- which to me is discouraging.

Fibromyalgia happens to people of any size and I truly do not believe that one's weight is the soul factor for the severity of the disease.  I believe there are many factors like poor food choices, stress, overuse and abuse of the body, medication, and activity level that also play a huge role in the severity of the condition.