One of the Struggles We All Face During the Pandemic

 Reading lips is something I've always have had to do because I am a bit hard of hearing when people mumble. This is something that has been linked to fibromyalgia for some. Having said that, I've always been sensitive to people with this issue because I know how hard it can be to function, especially during the pandemic if a mask is prohibiting you to read lips.  My heart breaks for this woman and I truly had to share her struggle because it is real. So the next time you feel worried about taking off your mask to help someone, please consider writing down your responses. It will be greatly appreciated!

Humanity Healing, Charlie, and Releasing Things in Life

 I want to share something with all of y'all today. I listen to Charlie most Fridays on Humanity Healing on Facebook because he has some pretty awesome perspectives as a spiritual person.  For those of you that are new or for those that have read faithfully and forgot, I am a spiritual person--not a religious one. To me, a religious person is very stoic and stiff in their beliefs. A spiritual person tends to adapt to their surroundings and learn from everything around them. I know we all come from different walks of life. We all have different religious beliefs. But it's the later I'm going to talk to you about today because it relates to fibro pain--at least to me. Charlie does a very good job at making his talks about growing spiritually and NOT about a specific religion. They are very relatable and they tie in with what is going on today and what stress you may be dealing with because of what is going on.  My thing in life now that I'm older is to walk the path of Je

To Walk or Not to Walk...That is the Question!

  Photo attribute: <a href="">Athletic woman holding sports bottle and walking on path in park - null</a> Walking is something that a lot of us may take for granted if it can be done relatively pain free. I remember my doctor telling me when I was first diagnosed to walk more because "motion is lotion". At the time, gadgets counting steps just became popular and according to the gadget, I was walking anywhere from 5-15 miles a day at my job while I was a floor manager. When I told him just how much I was walking, I then asked if I should be walking even more. His brows knitted as I explained I'm always on my feet. He was thoroughly confused as to how a young woman in her early thirties was walking like she was in her eighties. He then suggest I walk less--like that could happen at the job LOL! Sixteen years have passed since that conversation with my doctor and I can truly say that I continue asking this

My Moderna Moment

 Hey folks! I know! I know! It's been a while since I posted last. It's been a long, long while. I admit that and I'm sorry.  My life has been so crazy with this whole pandemic and I reached a breaking point where I put my focus on fiction writing instead of nonfiction. I mainly did it because I really needed an escape, as I'm sure many of you did since binge watching is up.  We are slowly coming out of this pandemic. People are still getting sick, but the vaccine seems to be helping to slow the spread. Today was my first official day of being immune. I celebrated by going to the supermarket because we ran out of milk. I wore my mask and mostly because I have a 13 yr old to protect until she gets her shot (we are planning this as soon as she is off from school).  But my real reason for donning a mask? It has also become a habit to wear one! I feel kinda weird not having one on--almost naked in a sense since I've been wearing one for over a year now.  My other thing

What's Norwex and Why's It So Good For Fibro Sufferers?

FF : Hi Ali! First off, welcome to Fibro and Fabulous! Please let the readers know a little bit about yourself and your company Norwex. AB : Hi everyone! My name is Alison Buonome but you can call me Ali. I live in Vernon, CT and I am a busy mom to 5 year old twin boys. I have lots of messes to clean and love my Norwex products. I used to despise cleaning but Norwex makes it so easy and I don't have to worry about my family being exposed to chemicals! Norwex’s mission statement is “Safe, Effective, Sustainable”. Yep that’s it. Our commitment to a brighter future starts with our product mission. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice effectiveness or sustainability when you choose a safer product. So we won’t put the Norwex label on it unless it meets all three criteria. FF : What made you decide to get into the Norwex business? AB : As I said above, I am a mom to 5 year old twins boys. My boys were born premature at 33 weeks. I would put my kids to bed, go straight to th

Sex, Men, and Fibro

***WARNING*** This installment is for readers 18 and over because it contains adult topics. Thank you for your understanding. Though this article does not touch on fibromyalgia and sex directly I think it is still a very important article to read because it discusses why we woman sometimes are not open with our men when it comes to sex. Something I cannot stress enough, and I've stressed it in my books and articles on this subject religiously, is that you have to have open communication with your partner. Likes and dislikes can change over the years-- or in a fibromite's case-- it can happen daily so never be afraid to speak up. This OBGYN is spot on and she completely coincides with my views about men in relationships. Your man should be asking early and often in your sexual relationship what you like. And yes, it's even better if he asks you to show him. Men sometimes need-- pardon the pun-- hands on experience to learn for next time.

Why WE SHOULD NOT Apologize

In the times of the digital age many are looking for perfection. Maybe it's the screen that gives them the false-feeling OR maybe it's the feeling of a huge disconnect that does. This post is about the later. WHY? Why do WE feel a disconnect these days from people EVEN WHEN THEY ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! Our "Z" generation will tell you there is no disconnect because they talk to their friends DAILY on the internet. And I MUST admit I've been doing the same with ALL of mine because the distance is TOO far to visit. But with virtual do we expect face-to face perfection TOO much? Think about it-- you let that internet friend you've never met face-to face slide because he/she is a million miles away. Do you do the same for your face-to-face friends you've known most of your life? I will admit that sometimes I DO NOT do this. I will admit that I feel hurt and I SHOULD admit that to my friends. Don't we expect our social media friends every