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Housework, Fibromyalgia, and the Flu Season

Having the flu, a sinus infection, stomach bug, or a cold is hard for anyone, but it's even harder on someone with Fibro. I can't speak for the entire Fibromyalgia community, but for me, if I'm not careful, my colds could very easily turn into pneumonia because I refuse to take the time I need to rest.

All mothers with kids will at one point in life hear their own mother in the back of their mind telling them to clean all of the sheets and house with bleach from top to bottom if the kids get sick. I'm not sure about any of you, but my mother suffered from OCD and a can of Lysol was her best friend. There was never any other scent in our house but Fresh Linen when I was growing up LOL!

This type of thinking may have been great for the Baby Boom Generation. They (pardon the pun) bought into all the products that promised to kill every germ in sight. I honestly think my mother may have thought it would ward of the boys too. LOL! That generation needed quick fixes because …