Falling with Fibro

I must admit, this is not a topic I really wanted to discuss.  I get embarrassed about it because I feel I should be more careful, and yet, it happens.  I am a danger prone person.  I sprain, strain, and bruise myself quite easily.

The falling is probably the worst because I tend to trip over my own two feet.  I fall down the stairs.  I fall on ice.  I loose balance and can even trip while walking on level ground.  I have sprained everyone of my fingers by doing various tasks or sports.  I've thrown out my back and hamstring dancing and in gymnastics.  I've even sprained a toe and given myself a black eye at work.

Why?  I think I'm a klutz due to my Fibromyalgia.  I get tired and when my muscles feel weak, or I'm in a Fibro Fog, things happen.  I've been danger prone all of my life which is why I believe that I've had Fibromyalgia all of my life and why I truly believe it is a disease and not a syndrome.  I believe the disease does become progressively worse as we age, as well. 

Now, please don't misunderstand, I think you can feel MUCH better when you have specifics in your lifestyle, like stress reduction, gentle exercise, tons of fruits and veggies, and a lot less of the junk.  By junk I mean processed foods, household cleaners with too many toxins, and even people can be toxic too.  All of this junk should be removed from your life so you can heal.  But doing these things does not mean that all of your pain will go away.  It also doesn't mean you won't ever slip up.

I slipped up recently for the past three months.  I've been playing taxi for my two children daily and nightly for their various appointments and activities.  And since I've been doing this, I haven't been watching my stress levels, nor have I eaten or exercised as I should have.  I even allowed certain toxic people to get under my skin.  All of this "junk" and neglect culminated into me falling down the stairs again last week.  I didn't break my ankle, but I sure did bang it up pretty good!  I truly believe that if I was more careful, I would not be in an Aircast right now.

So, having said all of this, I wonder, has this ever happened to you?  Do you fall with Fibro?  It probably has.  Think back to a time when you felt stressed or overwhelmed.  Did you suffer an injury on top of your flare?  If it has happened to you, the best medicine you can give yourself is time to heal.  And then when you are able to stand on your own two feet again-- get rid of ALL of that junk!

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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