Growing Fibro Flare-Free Health

One of the easiest ways to ensure having pain-free as possible days is to grow your own food. Gardens, like raised bed ones, make things easier on the Fibromite. You don't have to exhaust your energy tilling.  You just have to go to Home Depot for packaged soil.

Growing healthy organic foods aren't hard either with a raised bed. The cedar wood will keep bugs out and so will some of the plants. Some herbs are natural bug deterrents. For instance, thyme will drive mosquitoes away and lavender works great for spiders.

Vertical gardening is also another option with raised beds. Cucumbers and squash can be placed on small lattices to make room for you tomatoes for example.

There are many options with gardening and there's also a lot of tips. I'll make sure to add more posts as the summer continues so you can see my garden grow.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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