All Natural and the Bad Rap

I've always been a naturalist.  A purist, rustic, a farm-girl if you will.  I like the simple life because it's so rich with culture, family, and tradition.  The simple life can be anything you do for yourself, be that cooking from scratch, canning, crocheting, sewing, knitting, yoga, or gardening-- just to name a few.  I call this way of life therapy for my aliments because it truly is therapy.

Living a simple life reaps rich rewards of less stress, close knit family ties and tradition, self-reliance, and a feeling of accomplishment.  Going all natural is not easy.  Some people will give you resistance because they seem to think that the term natural comes inside of a box.  Yes, one that lives natural will go to health food stores and will also purchase (or grow) natural remedies for aliments, BUT (and this is a big BUT) natural doesn't stop there.

As many of you know I suffer from a skin condition called eczema along with Fibromyalgia.  I've had a nasty flare that has lasted pretty close to ten years.  I can't shake the flare no matter how hard I try with changing the humidity, using different skin creams, using EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE medically prescribed skin creams, going out in the sun, going out in the ocean, having plants in my home-- both flowering and green, ridding the house of dust mites and dander, and the list goes on.  NOTHING was helping and I'd cry myself to sleep at night because the itching was relentless and the pain and swelling wasn't any better either.

Despite all of this, I have always remembered to do one thing, and that was to NEVER give up trying to relieve my misery.  I surfed the web.  I first found major sites like The National Eczema Association, a great site for basic information, but I also found other sites that were established by sufferers.  Both were great, but I was more drawn to the sufferers because I knew they had been through a lot and I wanted first-hand opinions of things.

Most of my experiences of looking at sites were pretty positive because I could relate to much of what a person was saying until I reached one particular site tonight.  Now, I'm not saying this site is wrong because everyone has an opinion, but I believe this site is truly not right either.  I'm glad it's out there because he or she is a huge advocate of the health care and drug industry. 

The health care industry and the drug industry are very positive places for people to start when it comes to healing from their aliments.  BUT and here's the big BUT again, one NEVER should stop there.  All drugs that are steroids or mean to temporarily relieve pain were NEVER meant to heal someone permanently. 

Logically speaking, we don't want our athletes taking steroids because it can hurt them, so why would we want to do the same?  Even if it's in a smaller dose over an extended amount of time the results could still be damaging.  Other drugs that are no-no's for drug addicts are usually prescribed to us fibromites and eczema sufferers too.  And they can be lethal unsupervised which is why we are monitored by a doctor.

These drugs are great for the start of your diagnoses-- DON'T GET ME WRONG.  The thing is they shouldn't be the cure.  Lifestyle changes as far as stress levels, eating habits, diet, and exercise also need to coincide your drug intake.  I truly believe that no pill can cure a problem within if that pill is meant to be a temporary solution and most pills are geared towards a temporary solution when it comes to chronic pain or chronic skin conditions.

I hope this doesn't sound like a slam to the drug or health industry because it's not.  I just think that we should all work together and I think that we can learn from the Chinese culture for Fibro and beyond because they incorporate good health with pills and practice.

Stay fabulous,
Love and friendship,


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