I know I have been neglecting this blog. I've been having a hard time coping with the loss of my almost entire family on my side growing up, coupled with my marriage side now having significant people missing, too. I've suffered from PTSD with panic attacks, hormonal imbalance now that I'm nearing 50, a miscarriage of twins, a misscarriage of a single, and a move that has great points and not so great points for my mental health. I moved to Texas for the warmth. I moved to Texas so my kids didn't have to be in a home where they were surrounded by so many memories of the past. Sometimes you need a new start. And I know the remainder of my family did! You can't have that when you are surrounded by your past. Here's the thing...My past with fibromyalgia still seems to be the same. Doctors do NOT get us. Chronic depression is still high with us. And more times than not, we are STILL mis-diagnosed! WTH! I mean seriously--WTH! I was diagnosed 17 freaking years ago and doctors still can't figure out that it's not "all in our head"? Really? REALLY! There's still no reason for this! PLEASE Stay fabulous! Amanda

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