To Walk or Not to Walk...That is the Question!


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Walking is something that a lot of us may take for granted if it can be done relatively pain free. I remember my doctor telling me when I was first diagnosed to walk more because "motion is lotion". At the time, gadgets counting steps just became popular and according to the gadget, I was walking anywhere from 5-15 miles a day at my job while I was a floor manager. When I told him just how much I was walking, I then asked if I should be walking even more. His brows knitted as I explained I'm always on my feet. He was thoroughly confused as to how a young woman in her early thirties was walking like she was in her eighties. He then suggest I walk less--like that could happen at the job LOL!

Sixteen years have passed since that conversation with my doctor and I can truly say that I continue asking this question of myself every time I want to go shopping at a mall or take a hiking trail. And it's mainly because I still have leg problems. Some days it's my knees, but it can also be my calves or heels. Some of the pain is from me having to stand for long periods of time since the age of thirteen, but a lot of it also has to do with fibro. 

There are ways for me to get relief these days. I prop my feet up for at least 30 minutes when I have to. I wear compression stockings. And I have a foot massager that is a lot like this:

How about you? Do you have anything that helps you on the days when you aren't sure if you can walk another step?

Stay fabulous,


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