Humanity Healing, Charlie, and Releasing Things in Life

 I want to share something with all of y'all today. I listen to Charlie most Fridays on Humanity Healing on Facebook because he has some pretty awesome perspectives as a spiritual person. 

For those of you that are new or for those that have read faithfully and forgot, I am a spiritual person--not a religious one. To me, a religious person is very stoic and stiff in their beliefs. A spiritual person tends to adapt to their surroundings and learn from everything around them. I know we all come from different walks of life. We all have different religious beliefs. But it's the later I'm going to talk to you about today because it relates to fibro pain--at least to me. Charlie does a very good job at making his talks about growing spiritually and NOT about a specific religion. They are very relatable and they tie in with what is going on today and what stress you may be dealing with because of what is going on. 

My thing in life now that I'm older is to walk the path of Jesus. For some of you that means spreading Christianity and I commend you for that. For me, it means to listen and understand everyone. There's no way, given the teaching of Jesus, that He only talked to people that were Christian. He, of course, didn't because He was Jewish. But there weren't just Jews and Christians then, either. There were Pagans, the Islams, and the Buddhists religion/thoughts, then too. Jesus, according to teachings, was able to bring us all together and teach us a way to cast out the bad things happening in our lives. He may have said this in the Bible, but He wasn't really just talking about religion. Neither is Charlie.

Charlie is talking about "release" in this segment and I can relate to a lot of what he is saying when it comes to not only spirituality, but also when it comes to my fibromyalgia.

I can get stressed without even thinking about it anymore. And that's because I've come into a habit of tightening my muscles for many reasons throughout the day. I may be at a restaurant where a waitperson is coming at me with food and I automatically contort my body into something as small as possible so the waitperson has room to get past me. On a different occasion I could be reading edits and stiffen my body into a tense position just so I'm "awake enough" to catch every mistake. 

But if we take what Charlie is saying here into his true meaning by pulling back the spiritually layer, and release the negative "into the light" of Jesus, or whichever your higher power may be thinking of, that tension doesn't have to become pain later on. 


He explains you should "become still". This is very true for all of us suffering from fibro pain. All of us should "become still" and become "present" with how we are feeling in mind, body, and spirit at least a minimum of 3 times a day--be that in the conscious mind mentally, or through meditation. During breakfast (or for me coffee because I hate breakfast unless I've been up all night), lunch, and dinner you should do a check-in with your body. How is this accomplished? 

Do a mental check by thinking of your scalp, forehead, ears, jaw, and all the way down to your toes. Find out what muscles you are holding in a tense position and take a deep breath to release the tension. Again this doesn't have to be meditation, but as you release the breath, you could release it to the light--or? If it is easier for you to think about, release it into a body of water.

Christians often talk about baptism as a way of cleansing "Original Sin". But basically that means in the most easiest sense of the meaning, it is to wash your negative thoughts from your core so you can become more receptive to your higher power and positive thoughts that will allow you to grow in mind, body, and spirit. It really doesn't HAVE to be religious if you don't want it to be because water in its purest sense cleanses and that's the main goal to relieve your pain. It doesn't HAVE to be anything else if you don't want it to be. 

So, that being said, if you can think of a body of water--any water that you enjoy--and release your troubles and tension into it during a meditative thought, you are essentially accomplishing what Charlie is talking about for most part of this Friday talk.

His link will be at the bottom of this blog post. If you happen to be on and see me--please say hi! I'd love to give you gentle hugs. My screen name on Facebook is Amanda Kimberley LB.

Humanity Healing

Stay fabulous!


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