Why WE SHOULD NOT Apologize

In the times of the digital age many are looking for perfection. Maybe it's the screen that gives them the false-feeling OR maybe it's the feeling of a huge disconnect that does.

This post is about the later.


Why do WE feel a disconnect these days from people EVEN WHEN THEY ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!

Our "Z" generation will tell you there is no disconnect because they talk to their friends DAILY on the internet. And I MUST admit I've been doing the same with ALL of mine because the distance is TOO far to visit.

But with virtual do we expect face-to face perfection TOO much?

Think about it-- you let that internet friend you've never met face-to face slide because he/she is a million miles away. Do you do the same for your face-to-face friends you've known most of your life?

I will admit that sometimes I DO NOT do this. I will admit that I feel hurt and I SHOULD admit that to my friends.

Don't we expect our social media friends every time we do a "sweep" to comply to what WE believe a friendship is?

We SHOULDN'T! Anymore then we should expect our mother to comply.

So how is REALLY our friends defined when we question ALL of this?

The answer isn't farther than ourselves. Whatever we except is what comes into our friendships. If you are open like me-- well? You get a VARIETY! If you aren't you are probably going to move more people like you as a person. And that's fine!

DO NOT apologize for who you are when meeting someone because it is MORE important that you show them the true loving diva you are!

Love and Friendship,

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