For the First Time in Forever...

This is a mental health post for all of you suffering. It's been hard. I understand because it is hard for me too. There are days when I didn't think I could breathe in, but I found a way to breathe out. If you suffer from depression to the point where your life consists of a lot of bed rest and not much else, please understand that I have been there for a good amount of my own adult life.

There are days when I have done nothing but binge watch a favorite show from the past. I tend to binge watch "The Rifleman" because I miss watching it with Grandma. I also binge watch "Star Trek" because Dad and I used to watch it when I was growing up. Other favorites are the X-Files, Criminal Minds, Expedition Unknown, and Bar Rescue because my kids and husband love those.

Depression happens. It's pretty much a fact in everyone's lifetime. BUT living life is a choice. You can chose to live day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, or breath by breath. I have had the experience of ALL of these while going through my chronic depression in life. 

And now I'm HAPPY to say that FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER I can wear my original engagement ring! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER! Next goal is the wedding band and that’s not far behind! The scale might not have tipped much these past 5 years but my swelling, nerves, stomach, etc ARE FINALLY getting to almost normal. Next up is living day to day instead of breath to breath! It's a GOOD GOAL!
Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,

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