Food & Exercise Doesn't Always Do the Body Good

Food and exercise are 2 of the main staples in our lives that are supposed to keep us fit and healthy. They are supposed to keep our bodies fluid and energized but that isn't always the case with fibro sufferers. Sometimes those things just don't do the body good because we find out that we have an allergy, an aversion, or an intolerance to certain food groups, and sometimes our muscles will let us know that the activity we are doing is causing a great deal of fatigue.

I recently moved to the northern part of Texas and discovered that some of the activities and foods that I could not eat/do in Connecticut I can here. Part of it is the weather because the climate is not as humid and it is, of course, warmer with less snow. I found that to be intriguing because most people who have dealt with this beast for a while (in my case a little over a decade) tend to accept the fact that they can't eat certain things or do certain things anymore.

Well, I'm happy to report that that is NOT always the case! Back in Connecticut I could not mop the floors during the winter. I was just too fatigued to do so, and that was from a lack of vitamin D in my system. I would supplement but that didn't help me with large jobs like mopping a floor larger than 2 by 8.

Here in Texas I have larger windows that let in a lot of natural sunlight. I actually take the curtains off of the windows during the winter season so I have more natural light in the house. I still supplement too but I find that I can mop two regular sized rooms-- which is much bigger than my half bathroom in Connecticut-- before I have to take a break. That's progress to me!

In a few of my earlier blog entries I explained that the newly diagnosed can benefit from keeping a journal for a week to see if any foods or activities spark a flare. And that's a good thing for the newly diagnosed to do because it helps you and your doctors determine a great pain-free-as-possible lifestyle for your future days to come.


Sometimes food and exercise should be revisited by people who have had this beast for a while. Maybe you started a new activity, a new job, you've moved like me, OR one of your favorite brands reformulated their food products. If that is the case-- you should maintain (or start up again) a journal for a week and see if this new food/activity is the cause of your flare.

I have made up some great work sheets that you can use to keep a journal for yourself about your activities and foods and how they made you feel afterwards and I'll post a link to those free journal pages at the bottom of this blog posting. It's important to record your observations for at least a week because sometimes an exercise won't hurt until the next day. And sometimes a flare caused by a food won't show up for a few hours.

I hope that all of you will find this PDF helpful so you can revisit your food and activity journals when you need or want to.

Stay fabulous!


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