So...What Do YOU Think?

I am just one lonely blogger in a sea of many MORE reputable places that have gained FAR more recognition (and money-- let's face it) than I have?

So-- what makes you stay here and read? Is it because I pride myself in being the journalist that I trained be? Do you like that I fact check? Do you like that I speak my mind when it comes to practices that I find are NOT helping this community as a whole and I voice my opinion?

I'm wondering because most of you may get my posts from Facebook-- and that's fine! BUT know that they WILL be fact-checking my blog, and though I'm VERY confident that I'm right in my research, please know, that I'm not so sure how this will slant in the end. Blogs may become TOTALLY hidden EVEN IF they contain REAL info.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG BECAUSE I can't say! All I can tell you is read this article and be FOR WARNED for this blog and the rest that you read!

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