Guest Author Jennifer Beilis

Guest Author Jennifer Beilis has stopped by Fibro and Fabulous today to talk a little about her latest book Hear I Am!!

“Hear” I Am!! “is a powerful book that shows the author Jennifer Beilis’ strength, perseverance, and optimism. “There are many traits that she has exhibited throughout her long-term battle with hearing loss, disability and illness. In the face of great challenges that would defeat even the strongest and healthiest of people, Jenny has found ways to repeatedly survive, redirect her life, and flourish.

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 Jennifer Beilis received her Associate’s degree in Social Sciences from Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, New Jersey. She also earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey and her Masters degree in Education and Deafness Rehabilitation, SCPI (Sign Language Proficiency Interview) from New York University in New York. “She has weathered more storms than most people. Yet, she still perseveres and conquers her fears, never letting an ounce of weakness tell her that she cannot do something… Because she knows that she can.” – P. S., College graduate in New Jersey.

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